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≪SGUセミナー開催案内≫10月10日(火):Cooperative Strategic Games/<TGU Seminar>Tuesday, October 10: Cooperative Strategic Games

件名:≪SGUセミナー開催案内≫10月10日(火):Cooperative Strategic Games

<TGU Seminar>Tuesday, October 10: Cooperative Strategic Games



講演者/Speaker:Professor Abraham Neyman (Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem)


日時/ Date: 2017年10月10日(火曜日)/ October 10th, Tuesday, 16:30-18:00


場所/ Venue: 3号館10階第1会議室/ Building No. 3, 10th Floor, Conference Room No. 1


対象/ Audience: 教職員・研究員・学部生、院生・一般/ Professors, staff, researchers, all students, and the general public


招聘教員/ Organizer:船木 由喜彦、ヴェステグ ロベルト フェレンツ、クヴァソフ デミトリ、上田路子/Prof.Yukihiko Funaki, Prof.VESZTEG Robert Ferenc, Prof. KVASOV Dmitriy, Prof.Michiko Ueda


Abstract: The value is a solution concept – developed by Shapley, Nash, and Harsanyi –that reflects both the cooperative and competitive aspects of strategic games. The value provides an a priori evaluation of the position of each player, in particular one whose economic worth derives from an ability to inflict losses on other players, e.g., a municipal employee who can deny or delay building permits. Applications of the value in economics have been rare, at least in part because the existing definition requires a complex scheme that is not justified by any set of basic assumptions and that does not easily lend itself to computation in specific models. We provide an axiomatic characterization, i.e., we prove that the value is the unique function, from n player strategic games to n-dimensional vectors of payoffs, that satisfies a short list of desirable properties. We also provide a formula for computing the value.


About the speaker: Professor Abraham Neyman is a renowned Israeli mathematician and game theorist. He is currently Professor of Mathematics at the Federmann Center for the Study of Rationality and the Einstein Institute of Mathematics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. He was the president of the Israeli Chapter of the Game Theory Society (2014–2016). Professor Neyman has also held positions and has been visiting scholar at Cornell University, Ohio State University, University of California at Berkeley, Stanford University, and the Graduate School of Business Administration at Harvard University.


Professor Neyman has been a fellow of the Econometric Society since 1989. In 2015 The Game Theory Society has announced a special issue of the International Journal of Game Theory in honour of Neyman, “in recognition of his important contributions to game theory”. A Festschrift conference in Neyman’s honour was held at Hebrew University in June 2015, on the occasion of Neyman’s 66th birthday. Professor Neuman gave the inaugural von-Neumann lecture at the 2008 Congress of the Game Theory Society and at the 2012 World Congress of the Game Theory Society.


Professor Neyman has made numerous important contributions to game theory and mathematics, including to stochastic games, the Shapley value, and repeated games, publishing over 60 papers in leading international journals.



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