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SGUセミナー(共催:現代政治経済研究所)開催案内≫8/30ジェフリー・セリンジャー先生/ TGU Seminar (cosponsored by the Waseda Instituto of Political Economy, WINPEC) Aug.30 Prof. Jeffrey S. Selinger

タイトル/ Title米国におけるリベラル・アーツ教育の最前線:学生の意見を引き出し、現代政治の複雑性への理解を促す教育法(Liberal Arts Education in the United States: Encouraging Students to Find Their Voices and Appreciate Political Complexity


講演者/SpeakerJeffrey S. Selinger (Associate Professor, Bowdoin College)


日時/ Date: 2017830日(水曜日)/ August 30th, Wednesday. 13:00-14:30


場所/ Venue: 3号館12階ディカッション・ルーム/ 3rd Building, 12F, Discussion Room


対象/ Audience: 教員・研究員・大学院生/ Professors, researchers, graduate students


紹介文:米国のリベラル・アーツ大学の名門校、Bowdoin Collegeで政治学を教えるジェフリー・セリンジャー先生をお招きし、トランプ政権下で政治的分極化が進む米国で、学生が現代政治問題に対する取り組み方を教育し、こうした試みが政治学教育に資するのかについてお話いただきます。皆様の積極的な参加を待ちしております。


Seminar DescriptionStudents in the United States today are expected to negotiate two starkly different trends: they are expected to manage the flood of information that surrounds them on electronic and social media sources, weighing drastically differentand politically polarizedaccounts of the news. They are also expected to resist the over-simplified and politically attractive solutions proposed by American politicians. How do faculty at liberal arts institutions prepare students for this social and political landscape? In this workshop, Jeff Selinger will discuss the aims of what Americans call a liberal arts education and examine how these aims enrich a political science curriculum. He will also describe some of the pedagogical strategies educators use to help students appreciate interpretive differences and find complexity in the subjects they study.



担当教員/ Organizer: 高橋百合子/ Yuriko Takahashi


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