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(1) Central Library (Building No. 18, Waseda campus)

Opening hours
Mondays- Saturdays during semester 9:00-22:00 Sundays 10:00-17:00
Closed on Sundays, national holidays (Opens on a class day of national holiday), holidays designated by the university (winter holiday & summer holiday), Saturdays during summer and, winter holidays.

(2) S. Takata Memorial Research Library (Building No. 2, Waseda campus)

The S. Takata Memorial Research Library houses books from the libraries of various graduate schools on campus, from libraries for undergraduate school academic staff, and from associated research libraries. This facility also provides reference spaces for group study, graduate student reading rooms, etc.

Opening hours
Mondays – Saturdays during semester 9:00-22:00
Closed on Sundays, national holidays (Opens on a class day of national holiday), holidays designated by the university (winter holiday & summer holiday), Saturdays during summer and, winter holidays.

(3) Ting Hsin International Group Commemorative Library (Room B101, Building No. 11)

This student reading room is a common room shared with the School of Commerce and the School of International Liberal Studies (SILS).

Opening hours
(Academic Terms) Monday – Friday 9:00-22:00, Saturday 9:00-18:00
(Recess Dates) Monday – Friday 9:00-18:00, Closed on Saturdays
Closed on Sundays, national holidays (Opens on a class day of national holiday)

Study Room

A study room for GSICCS students is provided on the B1, Building No.11. Lockers are available. Also, students can bring their own personal computers into the room and can access network connections.

Opening hours
(Academic Terms) Mondays – Friday 8:00-22:00, Saturday 8:00-18:00
(Recess Dates) Monday – Friday 9:00-18:00, Closed on Saturdays

Study room for Doctoral Students (2F, Building No. 9)

This study room can be used by all doctoral students at Waseda university.

Opening hours
Monday – Saturday 9:00-22:00, During Summer and winter, and spring Holidays 9:00-19:30
Closed on Sundays, national holidays, Saturdays during Summer and winter, and spring Holidays, holidays designated by the university, and During the Entrance Examination Period.

Health Support Center/ Student Counseling Room

Health Support Center (6th floor, Building No.25-2)

Mental consultation/ Health consultation/ Legal consultation


For visa information for international students, please refer to Center for International Education‘s website.

Research Support

Subsidies for Presenting a Thesis at an International Academic Conference

These subsidies are designed to cover part of the costs incurred by graduate school doctoral program students in releasing their research thesis at an international academic conference, symposium, or other meeting. Among such costs are ① thesis registration fees and ② overseas travel expenses.

(1) Students eligible for subsidies

Graduate school doctoral program students (excluding research associates, and students taking a year leave of absence).
※Students taking time off from school to study abroad are eligible.

(2) International conferences covered by subsidies

These subsidies cover international academic conferences and symposiums sponsored by established academic societies with participants from at least two countries.

(3) Amount of subsidies and number of times financial support can be received

① Thesis registration fees
Up to JPY 55,000 will be provided to eligible students to finance part of the thesis registration fee for one international academic conference per academic year*. The subsidies covers only expenses related to the student’s participation in the academic conference. Expenses incurred in participating in convivial parties are not to be covered by the subsidies.

② Travel expenses subsidy to present a thesis at an academic conference being held overseas
Up to JPY 110,000 will be provided to eligible students to cover part of their travel expenses (mainly covers air fare) when they present their thesis at one international academic conference or symposium being held overseas per academic year*. If the air fare costs less than JPY 110,000, accommodation cost is also eligible for subsidies.

For details, please refer to the Research Portal Website.

* An “academic year” refers to the period from April 1st to March 31st of the following year for April enrollees, and the period from September 21st to September 20th of the following year for September enrollees.

(4) Submission Deadline

Regarding travel expenses subsidy, please download Checklist and Application Form from this HP. Refer to the Checklist and submit the necessary documents for the application to the GSICCS office.
* Submission Deadline: one month before you leave Japan.

2)Application Form for Subsidies

General Information for International Students

General Information for international students is available on the booklet, “International Student Handbook” published by the Center for International Education, Waseda University.

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