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Tuition and Fees

Deadlines for Payment

Basically, school fees are paid to Waseda University by account transfer.
They are transferred on the following dates:

  • School fees for spring semester: May 1
  • School fees for fall semester: October 1

The person who pays your school fees will be notified about 2 weeks before each transfer.
If the school fees are not transferred on the above dates, we will make a bank transfer two months later.
If school fees cannot be paid on the second account transfer, we will send a payment slip to the person who will pay your school fee.
When you receive the payment slip, please pay your school fee according to the instruction and submit a copy of the receipt to the GSICCS office.
If school fees cannot be paid by the above deadlines, complete and submit “Request of delay in payment of school fees” to the GSICCS office.

[NOTE] If the payment of school fees is delayed, your name may be removed from the school register.

Change of Transfer Account / Payer of School Fees

Change of Transfer Account

If the transfer account reported when you entered the School has been changed, follow the steps below:

  1. Receive the Application for Bank Account Transfer/Application for Direct Debit at the GSICCS office.
  2. Cancel future transfers from the account at the old bank.
  3. Submit the application for the new bank, to authorize future transfers from the account, and have it endorsed by the bank.
  4. Submit it to the GSICCS office. For a post office account (Japan Post Bank), the form is sent to us from your post office.
  • For a post office account (Japan Post Bank), you do not need to follow the cancellation procedure.
  • If these steps are not completed by a month before the account transfer date, the change will not be reflected in the next payment, and the fee will be paid from the old account.
  • In the case of a bank merger, please register your bank information as “a new bank account.” Since some banks (branches) do not inform Waseda University about mergers, it is better to register the information yourself. Otherwise, errors may arise in transferring your school fees.

Change of Payer of School Fees

An advance notification of each bank transfer and information about school fees will be sent to the person you reported as responsible for paying your expenses when you entered GSICCS. If the person who pays your school fees has changed, notify the GSICCS office of the change on the prescribed form.

  • If you do not complete the procedure two months before the account transfer date, the notification will be sent to the old address.
  • The school fee payer and the account holder are not necessarily the same.
  • The school fee payer must reside in Japan.
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