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School Overview



Master’s Program


Three Study Plans

1.Language & Communication

The aim is to deepen general understanding of communication conducted through the medium of language, by engaging in studies in the fields of both theoretical and applied inquiry. Among specific study themes are how the individual and society are bound together by language, and the role of language in education policy-making in global society.

2.Culture & Communication

The aim is to study the emergence of cross-cultural differences through the recognition of diverse cultural representations in global society, thus coming to a new understanding of the dynamics of culture. At the same time, the course promotes analysis of and research on the concepts and theoretical frameworks underlying global culture.

3.Society & Communication

A major theme is how, in globalized society, various forms of information circulate without regard to national boundaries, and what kinds of benefits and problems such information flows can create, with the aim of promoting research that actively seeks to understand and resolve the tensions involved.

Doctoral Program


Courses in Other Graduate Schools

Further opportunities at Waseda to undertake courses to broaden understanding of issues in global communication.

Study Abroad

Enhanced opportunities to study various aspects of communication studies at many partner schools overseas.


Opportunities for professional training and practice in skills such as interpretation at partner organizations and companies.

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