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Stay Home with photos of “Meet the Smiles!!” OKAZAKI Naoto


Hello everyone! While the Golden-Week-holidays is approaching, I assume many of you are not so excited this year and are spending in uneasy mood. Like a hermit eating only haze, I take travel as my daily living and I am having very hard time holding down my “Ahh, I want to go somewhere!” feeling so bad. But I decided to stay at home this year.

​In order to add some color to the self-quarantine time, I have collected my photos of landscapes and smiles from “Meet the Smiles”(*), the “Photo Exhibition of World Smiles” held in the past.

Would you just take a look at the so-called superb scenery of the world and feel like traveling? If you find your favorite places, it is going to be quite fun to check out the places and even directions, so that you may actually be able to go there in the future. (Oh, and your questions are most welcome!) Like taking a bus from here…etc. By the way, I am planning to do this mind-travel simulation to Antarctica during the GW holidays!

When the self-restraint continues and it makes you feel depressed and stressed, please take a look at the photos of smiling children. Their smiles are outstanding and they have great reputations for healing effects. These lively lighthearted smiles will surely give you full of energy.

The COVID-19 Pandemic is affecting everyone all over the world and these children too should be having uneasy time in this difficult situation. It must be anxious and painful days for all of you, but please remember that you are not alone. Let’s do our best to overcome this crisis together and regain the full of smiles and happiness in our daily life and world as shown in these photos!

I hope this GW holidays will be a fun nesting for everyone. And I truly hope that you will have the opportunity to see the new exhibition as soon as possible.

Stay Home and let’s get back our “SMILEFUL” world to our hand soon!​

*The exhibition has been held 4 times in the past, including at Waseda University.


Administrative staff in Center for International Education, Waseda University
Traveler and Photographer

Stay Home with photos of “Meet the Smiles!!”

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