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Message from the Dean of Cultural Affairs

Anyone setting foot in the area in front of the Main Gate at the Waseda Campus (the university’s main campus) for the first time in a while is sure to receive quite a surprise. Where the two Student Union Buildings once were there is now a spacious grass area, large trees, and a monument modelled after a myoga ginger plant (apparently, this area used to be a myoga field,) and behind them stand sophisticated modern buildings and a tall tower (the Okuma Memorial Tower.)

These new buildings are home to several Professional Graduate School and Alumni Association-related facilities—however, that is not all. They also contain areas used for exhibitions that are open to the public: the Waseda Gallery, the 125th Anniversary Room (on the 10th floor of the tower,) and the Ono Auditorium, which can be used for a range of different events. The renovation work on the Okuma Auditorium and Small Auditorium has also been completed. These focal points for cultural dissemination at the university are visited by the large number of people that pass through the Main Gate each day.

The Cultural Affairs Division was started in order to effectively use these places as a new base for the cultural prowess that Waseda University possesses, and to oversee three other facilities at the university that each have a glorious history—the Memorial Theatre Museum, the Aizu Museum, and the Waseda University Archives. Waseda University possesses three things: students who harbor great potential; a wealth of scholarly and cultural experience and knowledge in a variety of areas; and alumni active in a diverse range of fields. When combining the cultural power of the local areas tied to the university Waseda possesses immeasurable cultural value.

We plan to disseminate the varied culture that Waseda boasts through a variety of methods, including the Internet. However, if at all possible, we would like it best of all if you could come to Waseda and experience first-hand the cultural programs on offer at each of these facilities. The Cultural Affairs Division looks forward to seeing you here.

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