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Waseda University has an enormous collection of materials that tells the story of all the scholarly research done here over the years since the university’s foundation. The Yaichi Aizu Collection is one of the cultural assets unique to Waseda University along with various archaeological materials excavated since before the war, donated works of modern art, the Ainu artifacts of the Tosabayashi Collection, and others. Since the Aizu Museum opened in 1998, the total number of artifacts in its care has risen to around 18,000 as a result of donations from alumni such as the Shigenori Tomioka Collection, the Uchiyama Collection, the Hattori Collection, the Ono Collection and the Kosei Ando Collection. By having these permanently on display, we are aiming to be a museum that facilitates research and education both inside and outside Waseda and trying to create a space where people can come into contact with intellectual historical artifacts in the university whenever they want.

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