About the history of Waseda

The Waseda University Archives is dedicated to preserving the history and accomplishments of the University and people connected to it such as founder Shigenobu Okuma, and contributing to the development of the University through comparative historical research. In 1998, coinciding with the compilation of Waseda University 100 Years Chronicle, the Editorial Department of the University History became the Waseda University Archives. Since then we have dedicated ourselves to collecting, compiling, preserving, and publicizing documents and materials related to the University. In addition to hosting exhibitions and lectures in spring and autumn, we also manage the Okuma Memorial Room, a permanent exhibition room established in 2007 featuring articles and other materials related to founder Shigenobu Okuma that paint a vivid picture of his life. In addition to Transactions of the Waseda University Archives, in 2004 we began publishing Documents of Shigenobu Okuma and finished compiling all eleven volumes in 2014. From 2015, we are focusing our efforts on the full-scale compilation of a chronicle covering 150 years of Waseda University history. In 2009, we began the “Study of Waseda University,” a series of lectures about the history of Waseda.

The Waseda University Archives welcomes inquiries and consultations, as well as requests for viewing and copies of stored materials. The Archives encourages interested people to utilize the organization as a center for education and University history. We are continuously collecting materials on alumni and greatly appreciate contributions from the public.


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