Entrance ceremonies for Spring 2019 held at Waseda Arena

Entrance ceremonies for Spring 2019 held at Waseda Arena

Mon, Apr 8, 2019
Entrance ceremonies for Spring 2019 held at Waseda Arena

The spring entrance ceremonies were held at the newly completed Waseda Arena for the first time from April 1 to 3. In total, 8,802 undergraduates of whom 324 are international matriculated as undergraduates. Additionally, among 701 of the 3,017 graduate students who joined Waseda this semester are from overseas.

When addressing the new students, President Aiji Tanaka asked them to foster takumashii-chisei (translated as “resilient intellect”) and shinayakana-kansei (“flexible sensitivity”) during their time at Waseda, and also stressed the importance of meeting people of different backgrounds and cultures to broaden one’s world view. Moreover, he expressed his wish for all students to study abroad at least once, even if it is only for a short time, to see the world outside Japan.

At one of the ceremonies, Professor Emeritus Kenjiro Egashira was conferred with the distinction of fellow emeritus. After holding various positions at the University of Tokyo; the University of California, Berkeley; and Harvard University, he was appointed professor at Waseda in 1983 and held professorship at the Faculty of Law from 2007 until his retirement in 2017. In 2018, Egashira was honored with the Order of Culture and Persons of Cultural Merit.

The Award for Distinguished Service in Sports was also presented to Kunishige Kamamoto ’67. As top scorer of the tournament, Kamamoto led the national team to win bronze for the first time in the history of Japanese soccer during the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City. Having served various positions in the Japan Football Association such as vice president, he was inducted into the Japan Football Hall of Fame in 2005 for his contribution in soccer.

Yasuhito Hirota ’80 (President, Chief Operating Officer and Director of ASICS Corporation), Aiko Sekine ’81 (Chairman and President of The Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants), and Masazumi Wakatabe ’87 (Deputy Governor of the Bank of Japan) also gave their remarks in welcoming the new students.

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