Work on Waseda Arena is officially complete

Work on Waseda Arena is officially complete

Fri, Dec 28, 2018
Work on Waseda Arena is officially complete

Waseda Arena

The Waseda Arena (Building No. 37) on the Toyama campus is finally completed. The piece of land which Waseda Arena now stood on was previously where the Memorial Hall was situated, a building built in 1957 to commemorate Waseda’s 75th anniversary. It had been a place for graduation ceremonies and many events, and even served as the venue for fencing games in 1964 Tokyo Olympics Games.

From basement to above ground

The Waseda Arena consists six levels – two basement floors and four floors above ground. The two basement floors serve as the main sports arena for the building.

Greenery can be found all around and on top of the building.

An arena that serves various purposes and functions

Besides being a sport complex, the arena will also hold many upcoming events such as ceremonies, Waseda festivals and homecoming day.

Arena on basement 1 & 2

As a venue for ceremonies, it is estimated to be able to accommodate about 6000 people. Each enormous court is divided into seven smaller courts, namely two basketball courts and five badminton courts. Although the courts are found in the basements, they are designed to allow natural light to penetrate through the glass windows.

Study corners

On the second floor of the Waseda arena, there are learning commons and desks for students to use for group discussion and self-study. A cafe will also be included to serve drinks and refreshment to students.

Resting areas

Athletic Center & Sports Museum Exhibition Room

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