5 things to do during your freshman year at Waseda University

5 things to do during your freshman year at Waseda University

Thu, Apr 6, 2017
5 things to do during your freshman year at Waseda University

Waseda University currently has more than 50,000 students from Japan and around the world. Four years at a university may seem short at first thought but by the time you know it, time will have passed by like a flash. We have interviewed and requested some of your seniors, who are the survey readers of Waseda Weekly, to give you with a few pieces of advice on what you should do during your freshman year before you embark on your exciting journey with us at Waseda University.



5 Pieces of Advice to Freshmen

1. Make full use of the Central Library

lib-360x270There are many libraries on Waseda’s campuses and the Central Library alone has a wide range of collection of more than 2,700,000 volumes of books. You will definitely find books or articles that interest you over there. If you are looking for a quiet room where you can concentrate on doing your class readings or studying, you absolutely want check out the reading rooms at the Central Library.

During your schools years at Waseda University, you will definitely find yourselves having to write academic essays and reports. However, for some undergraduate schools, classes on effective search of academic literature using tools such as Waseda E-Resource Portal may not already have been planned as part of your course program. If you happen to be in one of those undergraduate schools, it is important that you master the skills as soon as possible.


2. Pick up a foreign language and interact with international students

12400852_1080031602028117_227521824431189717_nr-610x340Have you heard of the Intercultural Communication Center (ICC) at Waseda University?
There are many events organized by the ICC that you might be interested to participate.

Waseda University currently has more than 5,400 international students and the largest enrollment of international students across all universities in Japan. Although you might already have opportunities to interact with international students in your usual classes, the ICC organizes games and chat sessions, which are casual in atmosphere, that provide a platform for fun cultural exchange.

If you are looking to improve your foreign language skills, do consider registering for the University-wide Open Courses offered by the Global Education Center (GEC) and, Language and Cultural Exchange events organized by the ICC.

Waseda University also offers a wide range of study aboard programs that aim at improving foreign language skills of students. It is highly recommended that you sign up and attend the Study Aboard Orientation organized by Center for International Education or read up on your seniors’ overseas experiences on the Study Aboard corner of Waseda Weekly to give you a better idea on what you can expect by joining these programs.



3. Eateries around Waseda Main Campus

There are many eateries around the main campus of Waseda that you can enjoy at reasonable price. They are often referred by Waseda students as My Waseda Cuisine (also known as Watashi no Wasemeshi). You can also find many Cafeterias in each campus that sell nutritious food at affordable price.

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For your information, Waseda University Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association provides lunch to students every year in May and October at 100 yen. Do keep a lookout for them.


4. Cultivate school spirit through school events

Every year, many exciting school and sports events take place in Waseda. For example, we have the Waseda Festival and Waseda 100 Km Hike taking place every year in November and May respectively. In addition, the Waseda-Keio baseball game (takes place in May and October) and Waseda-Meiji rugby game (takes place in December) that attract great attention are also a must-watch. By taking part in these events, you will get to appreciate how it feels to be a true Waseda student.


Victory scene of 2015 Fall Basellball Game


Wasedasai (or Waseda Festival)


5. Join a student club

There are about 560 official student clubs (known as circles in Japan) at Waseda University. Every year in April, each club will organize their very own freshmen welcoming events. For more information, you can look up on these student clubs in the Waseda Official Club Guidebook.



6. Others

The University also provides many other facilities and services. Please do visit them and make full use of them during your stay at Waseda.

  • Health Support Center
    When you want to seek consultation about your health or problems you faced at school.
  • Waseda University Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association
    When you have questions related to receiving of health benefits.
  • Administrative Director for Research and Planning
    When you have questions on scholarship related matters.
  • Training Center
    When you want to use the gym facilities.
  • Student Participation and Job Center
    When you want to apply for part-time jobs offered by the University.
  • Career Center
    When you want to participate in internship programs.
  • The Hirayama Ikuo Volunteer Center (WAVOC)
    When you want to sign up for volunteering.

Besides those mentioned above, Waseda University also provides many other facilities and services. You can find out more in the campus booklet or university website.

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