Waseda University announces new name of Memorial Hall

Waseda University announces new name of Memorial Hall

Tue, Nov 8, 2016
Waseda University announces new name of Memorial Hall

From April to July, Waseda University invited students and alumni for ideas of the new hall’s name. From the 739 submissions, Waseda University is pleased to announce that the new name of Memorial Hall will be Waseda Arena.

The University’s name, internationally recognized and familiar to Waseda students of all generations, was combined with “Arena” to reflect Waseda’s the state-of-the-art multipurpose sports facility in the building. Waseda Arena will not only serve as a sports facility and venue for University events as it had previously, but learning commons and a sports museum will be inside the building as well. Furthermore, the rooftop space was named Toyama Hill, where it is intended for students and alumni to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. The word “Hill” in the name symbolizes nature and the shape of the rooftop space.

Still under construction, Waseda Arena is expected to be completed in March and stand as a new landmark of the University.

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