Autumn 2016 graduation and entrance ceremonies

Autumn 2016 graduation and entrance ceremonies

Tue, Oct 4, 2016
Autumn 2016 graduation and entrance ceremonies

Autumn 2016 Graduation Ceremonies were held at the Okuma Auditorium on September 17.

866 bachelor’s, 340 master’s, 113 professional, and 101 doctoral degree students received their diplomas and set off to make their mark in the world.

Out of the 1,420 students who graduated, 573 of them were international students from abroad. Hence, the graduation ceremony became an internationally diverse one where multiple languages spoken by graduates and their families could be heard.


Some of the new graduates outside Okuma Auditorium

Yōhei Kōno, a distinguished former Japanese foreign minister who also served as president of the Japan Association of Athletics Federations, received Waseda’s Award for Distinguished Service to Sports. As an alumnus, he congratulated the new graduates.


Alumnus Yohei Kono (left) received the Award for Distinguished Service to Sports

On September 25, Waseda University welcomed a total of 998 students (383 undergraduates and 615 graduate students) to campus during the Autumn 2016  Entrance Ceremonies. Illustrating Waseda University’s globalized community, 828 of these students come from outside Japan, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, China, Korea, Australia, Sweden, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.


At the entrance ceremony, Hao Ping was conferred the Honorary Doctor of Laws to recognize his efforts for strengthening the relationship between Waseda and Peking University, which specifically includes establishing their Double Degree Program. Also, Taichi Yamada, a renowned screenwriter and novelist who graduated the University in 1958, received the Award for Distinguished Service to Arts for the contributions he has made to Japanese television.


Hao Ping (left) receiving his honorary doctorate


Taichi Yamada (left), recipient of the Award for Distinguished Service to Art

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