Restrooms at Waseda

Restrooms at Waseda

Wed, Jun 29, 2016
Restrooms at Waseda

Recently, we have been receiving comments about how beautiful our facilities are on campus, especially the restrooms. So today, we would like to introduce you to some of our recommended restrooms. For Waseda students, can you recognize where they are?


Waseda Aizu Museum

The restroom in the Waseda Aizu Museum in Building 2 was renovated with white walls, representing its cleanliness. Usually, diaper-changing stations are located in women’s or multipurpose restrooms. However, at the Waseda Aizu Museum, we placed one in the men’s, taking into account fathers rearing their children.


The 10th floor of Building 3 at Waseda campus

The restroom on the 10th floor of Building 3, which opened in September 2014, is spotless and tidy overall. The toilets flush automatically so that they stay hygienic.


1st floor of Building 8 at the Waseda campus

The basement floor (B1) of Building 8 has full-length mirrors as well as a powder room. Perhaps some of you already use this restroom, where they have more stalls, because the other restrooms become crowded during break time.


Building 63 at Nishi-Waseda campus

Finally, the restroom in Building 63 at Nishi-Waseda campus is simple and immaculate due to its white interior. It’s quite special because even if the lights are off, this restroom is fairly bright because of the reflection from the mirror walls.


The Custodial Services work hard to keep the restrooms we use on a daily basis not only sanitary but spick and span. Let’s keep the bathrooms neat with a sense of appreciation for the custodial services staff members.

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