Restaurant “Mori-no-Kaze” opens on the 15th floor of Okuma Memorial Tower

Restaurant “Mori-no-Kaze” opens on the 15th floor of Okuma Memorial Tower

Tue, Apr 12, 2016
Restaurant “Mori-no-Kaze” opens on the 15th floor of Okuma Memorial Tower

Place: The 15th floor of Okuma Memorial Tower, Waseda Campus
Photographed on: 2016/4/4

A stylish, spacious interior


The manager’s recommendation: hamburger steak with rice


A wide variety of alcohol available


A view of Mount Fuji available on a clear day

Restaurant “Mori-no-Kaze” (or the “Forest Breeze” in English), opened on April 1 on the 15th floor of Waseda University’s Okuma Memorial Tower.

Mori-no-Kaze is operated by Cafe Company Inc., which owns 100 eateries nationwide, including WIRED CAFE. With hopes to please Waseda faculty, staff, and alumni, the restaurant has an inviting, retro atmosphere of the Showa period with a modern twist. As part of the décor of the restaurant, the Arne Jacobsen lighting envelops customers with warmth and comfort. The most attractive feature of this restaurant is its view. From the glass walls, it is possible to spot Mount Fuji and Tokyo Sky Tree Tower on a clear day, although many customers may already feel great satisfaction by overlooking the Waseda campus.

Restaurant manager Susumu Tani says the restaurant serves three purposes. “First, this restaurant is a place to enjoy an affordable lunch. We also offer a variety of alcohol at night, like a bar where customers can enjoy hearty gatherings. Lastly, we want our customers to experience the Waseda community.”

Lunch is available from 1000 yen with options such as hamburger steak. At night, the restaurant has a wide variety of alcohol lined up, such as natural wine made without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. For sake lovers, they also serve the famous “100 Years of Solitude,” for only 750 yen per glass, a courtesy to allow customers to enjoy quality sake for a reasonable price.

The restaurant staff, which includes Waseda students, does not have a script. They value communication with customers. Instead of a mechanical greeting, they welcome customers with a cheerful hello and engage in conversation for a personalized experience.

The restaurant will not be advertised publicly on a large scale, but with hearty hospitality, its goal is to create a place where customers would want to come back with their family and friends.

We would love for you to stop by Mori-no-Kaze to have a good time and connect with the Waseda community on all levels.

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