Increasing number of international students at Waseda adds colors and diversity to campuses

More and more international students are studying on Waseda campuses every year. In 2013, 5,827 international students from 102 different countries were studying at Waseda and these numbers have steadily increased each year, hitting 7,942 international students from 125 countries for AY2018-2019.

Working towards Waseda Vision 150, one of the goals is to increase the University’s international student population to 10,000 (20 percent of the whole student population) by 2032. With this current short-long term vision in mind, the University will continue to internationalize and diversify its campuses in other areas as well, such as by elevating the number of high-quality international academics, as well as establishing more academic and research agreements with research institutions and universities from around the world.

For more information about data related to the number of international students studying at Waseda University, click here.

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