Mimei Ogawa, children’s literature at Waseda (and flamenco)

Forum celebrating the 25th anniversary of Mimei Ogawa Literary Award

Ogawa Mimei, a graduate of Waseda University who wrote many children’s books, is often referred to as “the Father of Japanese Children’s Literature.” He tried to portray a loving and caring world through his stories, especially for the vulnerable population in society. The Mimei Ogawa Literary Award has inherited Ogawa’s affectionate spirit and continued to recognize remarkable literary works for youth. This forum discusses the world of Mimei Ogawa and the roles the Award has played in society, along with public reading of a poem by Naoki Award winning author Shoichi Nejime and a flamenco performance of “The red candle and the mermaid,” Mimei Ogawa’s masterpiece.

Forum flyer

*From 10/10 – 10/17, the gallery exhibition “Mimei Ogawa and Children’s literature at Waseda University” is also taking place at the Waseda Gallery.

Forum information

Date: October 10, 2016 (Mon)
Time: 15:00 – 17:30 (Opens at 14:30)
Venue: Ono Auditorium
Free Admissions, no reservations required
Contact: Cultural Planning Section of the Cultural Affairs Division

Panel discussion

Kyoko Imai (Recipient of the 12th Mimei Ogawa Literary Award)
Hideharu Ogawa (Poet, Mimei Ogawa Literary Award Committee member, grandson of Mimei Ogawa)
Yuji Ono (Professor, Jyoetsu University of Education)
Hirokazu Toeda (Professor, Waseda University)

MC and coordinator
Takeo Miyakawa (Professor, Musashino University and Mimei Ogawa Literary Award Committee member)

Poetry reading

Soichi Nejime (Winner of the Mr. H and Naoki Awards, Mimei Ogawa Literary Award Committee member)

Flamenco Performance

The abridged version of “The red candle and the mermaid” by the Mayumi Kagita & Hiroki Sato Flamenco Company

Organizers and supporters

Organized by: Cultural Planning Section, Joetsu City in Niigata Prefecture, and the Mimei Ogawa Literary Award Committee
With the cooperation of: Gakken Plus Co., Ltd.
With the support of: Jidobungakusha-Kyokai (Japan Children’s Literature Association) and Japan Juvenile Writers Association

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