Dramakan Fest – Commemorating the opening of Dramakan, Waseda University’s theater devoted to drama

Outside of campus on Nanmon street was a small theater founded by Waseda alumnus and internationally active stage director, Tadashi Suzuki. The theater was called “Waseda Small Theater” and was named after Suzuki’s theater troupe of the same name.

Waseda Small Theater was a hub for small theatrical productions in the 1960s and introduced many classics to the world.  In 1976, Suzuki relocated to Toga (present-day Nanto) and established a privately funded theater known as the Suzuki Company of Toga (SCOT).

Suzuki handed the Waseda Small Theater over to Waseda University where it was used by the drama club and trained performers until it’s dismantling in October 2012. Many Waseda students have requested there be a hub for drama related activities and with Mr. Suzuki’s consent, the Dramakan was built (72 seating capacity).

A month-long drama festival will be held to commemorate the theater’s opening. The opening performance will be “Android” performed by Oriza Hirata’s (known for his theory on contemporary colloquial theater) troupe, Seinendan. Three other troupes from Waseda will give pre-opening performances.

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