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To All University Students

Students carrying out thinning work in forests in Okayama Prefecture and Argentina with a chain saw in one hand, students providing education support in Vietnam and Hawaii by “seeking to build a future together with children”, students thinking about “communities in harmony with the environment” while staying at a family home in a Tanzanian village or in temporary housing in Iwate Prefecture, and more…

The Volunteer Fair is for students serious about volunteering to get together.

Through this event, WAVOC intends to encourage even more students to get involved in social contribution, and to spread information about social issues that students already involved have found.

Please do come. Listening to the real experiences of veteran volunteers will probably challenge the values you currently hold.

To All Educators

Since WAVOC was established in 2002, more than 100,000 students have become involved in volunteering, including students on our subjects and participants in our projects.

By being aware of, thinking about, and acting on social issues through social contribution and volunteer activities, and then connecting their practical experience with their academic knowledge, students broaden their education and deepen their expertise.

Looking back and reflecting on one’s social experiences such as volunteer activities is extremely important.

Since AY 2014, WAVOC has developed Contextualizing Self in Society series as new Global Education Center subjects aimed at all Waseda University students, and held presentations at this event.

The objective is for Waseda students to reflect on, verbalize and share what they have learned through their volunteer activities, and to connect it to their own personal growth.

This contest also includes the AY 2015 activity reward competition. This will be paid for using the WSC (Waseda Supporters Club) Members Fund.

We plan to implement various other measures in future, and look forward very much to seeing you all then.

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