The Hirayama Ikuo Volunteer Center (WAVOC) Waseda University

Volunteer Fair

Recruitment Booth

Recruitment Booth

We set up a project booth at the venue under the theme “The Potential of Student Volunteers”.

WAVOC has 30 or so student projects carrying out volunteer activities in various locations, which address issues of education, environment, agriculture, local communities, and more. At our booth, students involved in projects talked to visitors about their sense of values and awareness of issues gotten through their activities. Even members of the same project may become aware of, and approach, such issues differently.

Such a forum for sharing students’ diverse ideas on volunteering provides an opportunityto confront one’s own volunteer work and discover new values. Bouncing ideas off eachother can give students new ideas or let them see their own potential as students.

The hope is that a shared forum like this will encourage students to embark upon volunteer work.

Free Lounge

This is a must-see for students who are interested in volunteering but can’t decide which booth to go to, or want somewhere where they can also exchange or share information about student life.

We are opening this lounge for students to be able to exchange information with one another.

We also plan to introduce an information area with leaflets and pamphlets and a viewing area where students can watch videos about volunteering.

In the lounge, we want to show that volunteering can sometimes be tasty, too.

On the day, you may even be able to try some WAVOC food and drink!

Your motivation could be anything.

We just hope it will motivate you to take your first step into volunteering.

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