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Founding Philosophy Be aware, think, act. WAVOC’s activities.

In AY 2009-2010, what do students learn and how do they develop? We attempted to visualize the quality of “growth” using numerical values from self-assessments by students themselves.

In AY 2011-2012, we dispatched student volunteers through WAVOC, under the Office for Aiding Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake (Director: Kaoru Kamata, President of Waseda University), to support the progress of reconstruction.

WAVOC’s Basic Position

  •  WAVOC encourages awareness, thought and action on social issues.
  •  WAVOC connects hands-on knowledge with academic knowledge.
  •  WAVOC is organically linked with the faculty and staff to bring out students’ subjectivity.
  •  WAVOC supports collaboration with a diversity of people transcending age, occupation, nationality, etc.

WAVOC’s Action Policy

WAVOC develops the following.

  • Subjects and plans that raise awareness of various social issues
  •  Student-centered projects
  •  Opportunities for communication with workers and other parties involved

WAVOC cultivates the following.

  • The ability to position problems within the structure of society
  •  The ability to imagine and sympathize
  •  The ability to plan, prepare and operate
  •  The ability to live in one’s own way while engaging with others

WAVOC’s Development PhilosophyGrasp the key to contribute to the world!

What is WAVOC?

The Hirayama Ikuo Volunteer Center (WAVOC) was founded in 2002 as an affiliated organization of Waseda University. Since then, it has developed curricular and extracurricular volunteer programs based on cooperation between students, the faculty and staff, local people and others. To date, more than 100,000 students have experienced its structured programs and spread their wings around the world.

Since 2011, WAVOC has played a core role in Waseda University’s Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction support activities. It has also implemented university-wide volunteer activities since 2013 as part of Waseda Vision 150, the university’s mid- to long- term objective.

Student Support at WAVOC

WAVOC volunteer activities are developed and run by prioritizing the idea of “students contributing to society” rather than “students seizing a learning opportunity”. We certify and support projects run by student groups, who engage in social issues with the rich imagination typical of students. We also offer related lecture subjects and experiential learning subjects in collaboration with the Global Education Center, where students learn through a combination of theoretical and practical approaches. Furthermore, we have created a culturally enriching environment in which students can themselves grow while conducting their activities. To qualitatively guarantee the above, we have even established a university-wide minor “Social Contribution and Volunteering.”

How have our university students grown?

In “A Story of Growing”, introduced on this website, we show the process by which individual students think, worry and sweat before grasping the key to making a global contribution. The story shows the reality of student life in detail, how WAVOC’s system encourages them, how they are actually supported and nurtured by many local people at each site, and so on.

WAVOC expects Waseda students from around the world to engage in society, acquire a well-rounded education and strong expertise while being stimulated by interaction with other students, the faculty and staff and local people, and boldly address the various problems faced by Japan.

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