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5th Humanities and Social Sciences Research Development & Promotion Forum


Date & Time: March 19 (Tue.), 2019, 13:00-17:30
Venue: International Conference Center, Waseda University

  • Capacity:100 (pre-registration required, on a first-come basis)
  • Participants:Researchers, university research administrators (URA), and other university and research institute employees, public administration officials, funding institution personnel, etc.
  • Language:Japanese and English (Simultaneous interpretation will be provided.)
  • Participation:Free of charge (There is a 4,000 yen charge each for participants who attend the networking party.)
  • Opening Date for Applications:January 22 (Tue.), 2019
  • Deadline for Applications:March 8 (Fri.), 2019 (or when capacity is reached, whichever comes first.)
  • Poster Presentation:
    In this forum, we call for poster presentations on “Funds and Support for Promoting Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities at Universities.” Please apply to present your poster when you sign up to participate in the forum. The deadline for applications of the poster presentation is the end of February.

Click here for the online registration formClick here for the poster session list




  • Research Management and Administration Section, Office of Management and Planning, Osaka University
  • Kyoto University Research Administration Office
  • Research Administration/Management Office, and Institute for Comparative Research in Human and Social Sciences, University of Tsukuba
  • Research Planning Office, Organization for Research Promotion, University of the Ryukyus

About the Humanities and Social Sciences Research Development & Promotion Forum

Our forum was launched in 2014 with the aim of researchers, URAs, administrative personnel, and others involved in research in the humanities and social sciences discussing and acting together to seek better ways to promote research. Planning and administration are conducted by a group of volunteers from the URAs responsible for the humanities and social sciences in their respective universities under the leadership of the hosting university.


Voices are being raised all over the world that the participation and cooperation of researchers in the social sciences and humanities (SSH) are essential to achieving innovation in our society going forward such as meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the challenges to our society from artificial intelligence and extreme aging (Vilnius Declaration by the European Union in 2013, etc.). In order to accelerate this movement, funds are being introduced in some quarters, both large (ex. the humanities promotion program in the EU’s Horizon 2020) and small (ex. in-house funds of universities) to nurture and promote research in the SSH.

However, contrary to expectations, issues have emerged such as mismatches against the needs of the researchers in the SSH, insufficient participation of researchers from the SSH, and the slow progress in cooperation between the researchers in the SSH and their natural science counterparts. Therefore, this forum will bring together public officials, researchers, URAs, etc. to discuss how policies, programs, supportive measures and other measures regarding funds to support research in the SSH for the society of the future and from which we expect greater presence and more output should be.

In particular, we intend to encompass a wide range of perspectives such as setting boundaries in the initial stages of program design, performance metrics, developing experts and evaluators, and cooperation between funding administrators and URAs. After listening in the keynote speeches and the information session to examples of top-down measures by the state and local governments and bottom-up measures by universities with regard to funds, we will deepen the debate on the promotion of research in the SSH going forward based on Japanese characteristics through the panel discussion.


Center for Research Strategy, Waseda University (Kohei,Maruyama/Mikiko,Shimaoka)
E-mail:jinsha2019[a]   ※Change [a] to @

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