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What is the Research Council?Overview/System

Established in 2009, the purpose of the Research Council is to stimulate interaction among researchers beyond the confines of faculties, to provide support needed for each kind of research, and to plan and manage the priority research to be carried out strategically by Waseda University, with the aim of improving the overall research level of Waseda University.

At the time of its establishment, the Research Council was positioned as a research platform and was a virtual organization. From September 2010, however, it came to be repositioned as a university organization, and it now includes all the permanent/fixed research organizations.

The Research Council will conduct the following businesses:

  • Promoting new research development beyond the framework of existing organizations, such as interaction/cooperation among researchers, as a result of setting research fields based on the activities of researchers and research groups in Waseda University’s research organizations;
  • Setting specific research themes, research groups, and research systems, and providing research support in the University Research Initiatives  (research themes and fields to be promoted by Waseda University) that were formulated by the Research Congress under its leadership;
  • Planning measures to effectively reflect research results in education programs, and proposing such measures to Waseda University; and
  • Any other matters necessary to achieve the purposes of the Research Council.

In the future, the Research Council will realize interaction and mobilization among researchers beyond the confines of faculties, with the aim of further improving Waseda University’s research abilities.

Message from the Senior Dean of the Organization

To build “A Waseda that Shines on the World Stage”

Senior Dean, Research Council/Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering

The Research Council at Waseda University is a research platform that was established in 2009 with the goal of facilitating collaboration and exchange among researchers across departments, and promoting an organizational and strategic approach to pursuing research at the University level.

By defining social and academic research topics from a global perspective and determining strategic priorities based on the diverse range of research seeds available at Waseda University, the Research Council strives to become a unique and distinctive research hub.

In line with President Tanaka’s vision to build “A Waseda that Shines on the World Stage,” we aim to take on new challenges to engage in cutting-edge research and build a foundation that will allow us to consistently disseminate research that has true value.

September 2020

Creation/Implementation of University Research Initiatives

What are University Research Initiatives?

Waseda University publicly invites research projects to be supported with priority within the university. After these projects go through a certain review process, Waseda University then provides support for them as University Research Initiatives. These research initiatives are performed as project research institutes  with budget granted by Waseda University.

The research period is five years. An interim assessment and a final assessment will be carried out in the third year and fifth years, respectively.

Information on public invitation

Construction of Assessment System/Implementation of Assessment

Priority assessment (overview)

The review/assessment working group , established under Research Council Steering Committee, carries out a prior assessment of the University Research Initiatives at the time of adoption, as well as an interim assessment in the third year, and a final assessment in the fifth year (or the final year of establishment).

Therefore, even if a research initiative is planned to be implemented (a project research institute is planned to be established) over a period of four years or more, the review/assessment working group  may reach the decision to terminate it before such planned period ends, depending on the results of the interim assessment.

Organization assessment (overview)

Research organizations will be established for a period of five years in principle, and may be reestablished for an additional period of up to five years. (A second reestablishment will not be permitted.)

Under this rule, a prior assessment is carried out at the time of establishment, and a final assessment is carried out in the final year (or the fifth year after establishment ). In addition, a prior assessment is carried out at the time of reestablishment, and a final assessment is carried out in the final year (or the fifth year after reestablishment) . If the necessity arises (such as if an issue is recognized), an interim assessment will be carried out.

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