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5th Humanities and Social Sciences Research Development & Promotion Forum Speaker & Panelist profiles


Yoshiyuki Chihara

Deputy Director-General, Research Promotion Bureau and Higher Education Policy, Science and Technology Policy Cooperation, MEXT. Joined then-Science and Technology Agency in 1989, served in MEXT as Director, Policy Division, Research and Development Bureau; Director, Minister’s Secretariat; and Director, Personnel Division, Minister’s Secretariat among others. Appointed Deputy Director-General, Research Promotion Bureau in April 2018. Also in charge of higher education policy, science and technology policy cooperation since last October.

Keynote Speech

Tom Kuczynski

Tom Kuczynski graduated Cracow University of Economics in Poland. In 2006 he obtained a Doctor of Economics degree at the Hiroshima Shudo University and started working at the Embassy of Poland in Japan (First Secretary). Since 2012 he has been working as a science advisor at the Delegation of the EU to Japan.

Olga Gritsai

Dr. Olga Gritsai is an advisor research funding in the University of Amsterdam with a background in social sciences (PhD in social geography). She works most closely with the two UvA faculties: social sciences and law. As a member of the EARMA External Relationships Committee, Olga is for a number of years supporting collaboration with Japanese colleagues and organizing joint sessions about mutually relevant topics.

Information session

Hiroyasu Haruyama

Director; Office for Science Policy Planning, Policy Division, Research Promotion Bureau, MEXT. Joined then-Ministry of Education, Science and Culture in 1999. Served as Director, National University Strategy Office, National University Corporation Support Division, Higher Education Bureau among others, current post since August 2018. In charge of secretariat for Towards the Promotion of the Humanities and Social Sciences (summary of the deliberations), the January report to the Subdivision on Science, Council for Science and Technology.

Chikako Maeda

Fellow, Center for Research and Development Strategy (CRDS), Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). Doctor of Policy Studies from National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS). Specializes in science and technology innovation policy. Joined Japan Information Center for Science and Technology (JICST; now JST) in 1982. Worked in Information System Department and others before current post. Recently in charge of creating proposals concerning cooperation between the natural sciences and the humanities and social sciences.

Panel Discussion Panelists

Kazuo Seiyama

Deputy Director, Research Center for Science Systems, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science; Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo. PhD (sociology) Specialized in sociology. Conducted research in theoretical sociology using mathematical models and quantitative analysis. Main books authored include The Structure of Institution Theory, Social Stratification: Inequality amid Affluence (co-author), and What Is Liberalism? Rawls and The Logic of Justice.

Hiroshi Tsuda

Director, Department of Planning and Management, Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society (RISTEX), Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). Joined the Research Development Corp. of Japan (JRDC; now JST) in 1992. Worked on international programs, basic research, and industry-academia collaboration, including an assignment at the JST Paris office. Current post since 2011, where he supports research and development to overcome social challenges by working together with social stakeholders utilizing the natural sciences, the humanities and social sciences.

Chizuru Nishio

Professor of Marketing, Ph.D., Faculty of Business Sciences, University of Tsukuba; member of the Science Council of Japan. Areas of research include Consumer Behavior, Marketing Communication and Strategy. Her current research topic is environmentally friendly and ethical marketing based on consumers’ prosocial behavior.

Airo Hino

Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University. Ph.D (in Government), University of Essex. Specializes in electoral studies, comparative politics. Conducts research on the electoral process of democratic countries with a focus on the causes of the rise of new challenger parties, mainly in Europe. Recently has been conducting joint researches on survey methodology using eye tracking experiments.

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