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2017/11/17 【Information】Seminar on “How to Publish Your Articles/Books? Advice from Cambridge University Press” (Dec.4)
2017/11/13 【Information】<Kitakyushu>Seminar on “Effectively Communicating Your Research” (Nov.21)
2017/10/31 【Information】<Tokorozawa>Seminar on “Effectively Presenting Your Research at International Conferences” (Nov.9)
2017/10/11 【Information】Seminar on “Effectively Presenting Your Research at International Conferences” (Oct.23)
2017/9/19 【Information】Seminar on “Effectively Communicating Your Research in Journals” (Oct.6)
2017/2/27 【Information】Information on “Special two-day workshop by Prof. David E. Goldberg “Coaching Entrepreneurs: Key Shifts & Shift Skills for Supercharging the Education of Japanese Entrepreneurs” (Mar.15,16)
2017/1/16 【Information】Information on “EURAXESS Japan Tour 2017 @Waseda: Research Cooperation & Postdoctoral Mobility to Europe through the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions” (Feb.7)
2017/1/11 【Information】Information on “Corpus Insights into Academic and Literary Discourse” (Jan.19)
2016/10/20 【Information】Information on “How to create oral and poster presentations for international meetings” (Nov.14)
2016/10/10 【Information】Information on “An Introduction to Writing Effective Academic/Research Papers with a Focus on Practical Writing Exercises” (Oct.27)
2016/03/01 【Information】"Information on “UBIAS Intercontinental Academia Waseda Workshop:In Search of Interdisciplinary Dialogue”  (Mar.14)
2015/08/24 【Information】"Information on the Seminar “Writing Effective Academic Papers: Workshops for Researchers in Material Sciences ” to be held on September 11, 2015”
2015/06/26 【Information】"Information on the “Research in Japan and Europe: International Cooperation, Funding Opportunities,Mobility” (july17 )”
2015/06/03 【Information】Information on the “Writing effective grants: Increasing your chances to obtain funding for your research” (june29 )”
2015/04/29 【Information】Information on the “The Ethics of Publishing and Tips for Researchers” (May 30)”
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