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ICC Online Cooking Event: Connect Students across cultures through food (12/16) ◆Deadline: 12/9, 9am


Cooking, eating, and diving into a different culture.

・I couldn’t travel or study abroad because of the pandemic….
・I did an online study abroad program, but I couldn’t physically enjoy the culture of that country….
・ I want to be amazed by the different daily life experiences of other countries….

If you have had any of these feelings, this is a great opportunity for you.

The ICC will be organizing an online cooking event in order to create a chance for students to experience different cultures without going abroad.
In this event, we’ll be cooking Korean and American dishes.

You can join the event from your own kitchen simply by connecting to Zoom on your smartphone or PC. Your kitchen will turn into a real-life experience as though you were living abroad.

This event is not just a cooking class. Student supporters from each country will teach you about their food culture, as well as a unique way to enjoy the dish.
Moreover, you will hear their personal episodes! By cooking and eating together, you can truly feel the differences in food culture and eating habits.

You may love eating and cooking, you may want to have casual chats with students from overseas, or you may want to experience a different culture: Whatever your motivation for wanting to join this event is welcome.
Why don’t you try a “taste” of a different culture through cooking their local style, without leaving home!?


Select your preference.

  • Kkoma Gimbap (Korea)
    Simply put, it is a Korean Sushi RollYou can choose your ingredients from a wide variety of materialsFreely arrange the ingredients and make your own special Gimbap! 
  • Hot Dogs (USA)
    Want to know the American way of making hot dogsLearn some of the most famous American arrangements, and create your own style with your own ingredients! 
Notes / Precautions
  • We will send the recipe to confirmed participants. 
  • Please buy all the necessary ingredients yourself. The cost of the ingredients (approximately 1000 yen) will be at your own expense. The ingredients are ones that are relatively easy to find.
  • General kitchen utensils like microwave or cutting board will be necessary.
    *Most items should be microwavable, but in some cases a stovetop or frying pan may be needed as well. 
  • We will ask your preferred menu on the application, but we may have to adjust depending on the responses. If you are fine with cooking either menu, please select “Whichever is possible. 
  • In case of an emergency during the event, the ICC cannot take responsibility, so please be careful when cooking.   
Date & Time

December 16th (Thu) 6:15 – 7:45 PM (Zoom opens at 6:00 PM)


Online (Zoom)
*Link will be sent to participants by the day before the event


Waseda Students


English (MC in Japanese and English)


Fee to join is free, but please buy ingredients at your own expense


Required, via MyWaseda

Registration Deadline

December 9th (Thu) 9:00 AM


About 30 people 
*In the case o f a large number of applications participants will be selected by lotterywith results announced on the deadline day.


Tel 03-5286-3990
Email: [email protected]

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Online (Zoom)


Thu, 18 Nov 2021

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