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SHARE YOUR LANGUAGE Sign up to be an ICC Language Event Supporter! ▶Deadline: 9/27 (Mon) 9:00am


Do you want to meet new people?

Do you want to teach your native language?

Then register to be an ICC Language Event Supporter and share your language with your fellow students!  

This is a great chance to make new contacts on campus and connect with others who speak your language. Whether you help out every week, every month or even just once a semester, is up to you! 

If you’d like to help out with any of the events below, please register now! 

ICC Language Lunches 

Chat in your language during lunchtime (12:20-12:50).  
No preparation required! Just enjoy casual chatting! 

Supporters should be Advanced, Fluent or Native in the language.

*The lunch event pre-meeting starts from 12:00, and the event starts from 12:20. If you have 2nd period class on the date, let us know ahead of time and join after your class ends. 

October Lunch Event Dates:
10/4 (Mon): Japanese Lunch
10/8 (Fri): Japanese Lunch 
10/14 (Thu): English Lunch 
10/15 (Fri): Chinese Lunch 
10/19 (Tue): Chinese Lunch 
10/20 (Wed): English Lunch 
10/27 (Wed): Japanese Lunch 
10/29 (Fri): Spanish Lunch  

*November Lunch Event Dates will be announced in October

ICC English Chat Club  

A weekly club where participants can chat in English for about an hour. 
Supporters lead an ice-breaker game and generally facilitate conversation.  

ICC staff will explain the activities during the orientation, and don’t worry, Japanese skills are not required! 

Non-native speakers fluent in English are also welcome to sign up!  

Make new English-speaking friends! 

ECC Dates:
October: Tuesdays, 5th Period (10/5, 10/12, 10/19, 10/26)
November: Wednesdays, 5th Period (11/10, 11/17, 11/24, 12/1*)
*Note the last date is December

Details for both programs

Supporter Orientation

Orientation is mandatory for all new supporters
(Not required if you have done it before) 

Orientation Dates          *Please attend one
10/1 (Fri) 12:20-12:50
11/3 (Wed) 12:20-12:50

Details of each event will be explained during the orientation


English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Other


October: Online
November: TBD    
*Will be determined depending on the COVID-19 situation


Waseda students with advanced ability in the target languages


Required via MyWaseda

Registration Deadline

9/27 (Mon) 9:00am
*ICC will email selection results on the deadline date


Tel: 03-5286-3990 Email: [email protected]

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