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ICC Supporter Report: Making new friends through English Chat Club!

By Riko
School of International Liberal Studies

On a fine spring evening, a spontaneous thought came to my mind – I want to make new friends! As I love meeting new people and getting to know them, I have always had the passion to make friends. However, the continuation of online classes throughout the semester made it difficult for me to meet new people. Wondering how I can fulfill my desire, I randomly checked my Waseda email and found an interestingly titled email that instantly caught my eye:

“ICC Language Event Supporter Recruitment!”

I opened the email and saw that ICC was holding a language event called the “English Chat Club” (ECC), where participants chat in English for an hour every week while playing games and doing activities together. My job, as a language event supporter, would be to facilitate the conversation in a small group and to make sure that everyone was enjoying the event.

Sounds fun! As soon as I read the description, I instantly signed up for it.

Well bingo! It was a wonderful experience that allowed me to make friends from different departments of Waseda and enjoy the time speaking with them in English.

We met the same members every week and played different activities in small groups using the breakout rooms.

The activities were organized by the ICC staff in advance and explained during the session so there was nothing to worry about or to prepare before the event. All that was needed was just my presence and the enthusiasm to talk to others. Furthermore, the ICC staff were very kind and supportive, so whenever I had questions or was confused about how to facilitate the conversation, they generously guided me in how I can become a good supporter.

Some of the activities we played were: “Island Talk” – joining the breakout room with a chosen topic (travel, music, movies, university, hobbies, etc.) and chatting about it with other members; “2 Truths & 1 Lie” – telling your group members 3 things about yourself, of which one is a lie, and having them guess your lie; “Waseda Trivia” – taking a quiz about Waseda with your group members and chatting about the things you did not know about this place. In addition to the activities, we were given free talk time where we can talk about anything! During this session, my group members and I caught up on what we did recently if anything exciting was happening and chatted about school. At the end, we exchanged social media so we can keep in touch.

Overall, the experience at the ECC was very fun and exciting. I was able to achieve my goal of making new friends and chatting with them using the language I love. I will definitely participate in this event again and hope to make more friends!

*   *   *

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