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ICC VIRTUAL Lounge – Intercultural communication from home! Say hello to the world!


Hello everyone, how is your fall semester going?

In the autumn semester, though some classes will be conducted in person, most will still be conducted online.

So, our online lounge held in July and September through Zoom will switch to the software “Remo” where participants can have an experience more similar to the real lounge. This month we will continuously hold this event as the new “Virtual Lounge”!

If you want to enjoy meeting new people.
If you want to improve your language skills.
If you are looking for more people to chat to.
If you want to switch off from classes during your lunch break.

Then you should definitely come along to the ICC Virtual Lounge.
Let’s experience a simulation of the ICC Lounge and casually chat with new friends while enjoying our drinks and lunch at home!

This time we are going to use a new web conference system called Remo. We prepared a tutorial video for everyone, so if you are a beginner of Remo, no worries.
The new system enables participants to move around and chat with anyone freely. Therefore, you can communicate with each other in a way that is more similar to the real lounge.

We hope you can meet with new people in our virtual lounge!

※The URL for the meeting room, participation rules and how to use the room will be sent to you by email using the address you use to apply.

Process of Usage

1. In order to use the lounge smoothly, please sign up for Remo in advance.
(If you have a Google account; you can log into Remo with it.)
2. When you enter the meeting room, you will be sent to a table randomly. (3 people maximum for each table)
3. After the staff explain the instructions of how to use Remo and the rules, you can start talking with the members on your table.
4. Please start the conversation with your self-introduction and why you are coming to our virtual lounge today. After that, please feel free to talk about whatever you like.
5. You can move or leave freely, so you do not need to tell the staff about that.
6. ICC staff will make an announcement at the end of the event.

Date & Time

Oct. 31st (Sat.) 12:15-13:30 (Coming late or leaving early is OK.)
※You can enter the room from 12:15pm.


MC in Japanese and English, free between participants.


Remo (Web Conference System)


Waseda Students and Staff 




Required. Please apply via MyWaseda. Click here to register!


October 26th (Sat.) 9:00 am


Around 40 people. (If there is a large number of applications a lottery will be held to decide participants. Results sent by email on the deadline day.)


TEL: 03-5286-3990
E-mail: [email protected]

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Sat, 31 Oct 2020

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