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【Postponed until next academic year 2021】ICC Origami Workshop: Experience the Curved Folding Origami!

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Origami is a traditional Japanese art where paper is folded with ones hands, transforming it into an animal, plant, tool, or just about anything.

Almost every Japanese student has probably practiced making origami and most people can say they can make an origami paper crane right?

Origami is now becoming more popular overseas and gaining many fans.
From the work of overseas origami artists, the evolution of “Origami” and its possibilities as an art can truly be felt.
Additionally, with the spread of computers, there is software being created to assist in designing origami where the folding and final product can be simulated and seen through the software.

The ICC will be holding an event where you can experience this kind of new world of origami art.
We have invited the leading expert in origami research, Professor Jun Mitani from Tsukuba University.
He will be holding a lecture and hands-on workshop about his three-dimensional “Science of Origami,” which has been held in many different countries around the world.

Your image of origami will definitely change when you see their wide-range of beautiful and detailed origami works.

All levels of origami folders are welcome including international students!
So, why not experience Japanese culture while folding origami together and making new friends?
Hope to see you there!

★Curved Origami
In contrast to regular origami, this origami is made by folding along curved lines.
The origami you will make at this event has been designed to include shapes with curved surfaces using computer software invented by Prof. Mitani.
<Learn More About Curved Folding Origami (*Japanese language only): >

Date and Time

October 22 (Thu) 2020, 6:15pm-7:45pm (Doors open: 6:00pm)


Okuma Garden House (1F, Bldg. 25)


Waseda students, faculty and staff




English and Japanese (Lecture and Workshop in English)


Required. Please register through MyWaseda. Click here to register!

Registration Deadline

October 15 (Thu) 9:00am


40 people(If there are a lot of applicants, a lottery will be held. The results will be announced by email)

Guest Speaker & Lecturer Profile

Mr. Jun Mitani
Jun Mitani is a professor of Information and Systems at Tsukuba University. Born in Shizuoka Prefecture, he completed his PhD in the Graduate School of Engineering in Tokyo University.
In 2019, he visited eight Asian countries as a cultural exchange envoy for the Agency for Cultural Affairs. In addition, he has held key positions such as Board member of the Japan Society for Graphic Science and Councilor of the Japan Origami Academic Society.
He also cooperated in the design of origami in the following movies: “Shin Godzilla (2016)” “Death Note: Light up the NEW World (2016)” and the anime “Kado: The Right Answer (2017)”.
Worldwide, his unique origami has a high reputation, and Professor Mitani has participated in workshops, exhibitions and so on in places such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Israel and more.


After the results are announced cancellation is not acceptable. Please check your schedule carefully before applying.
Cancellation Policy

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