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ICC Russian Culture Night -The Great Unknown Country of Russia is Really Rather Riveting!-(Dec. 6)


Russia is the largest country on Earth and a neighbour of Japan.
Russia’s most beautiful city is said to be the Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg which is registered as a Word Heritage Site and was the capital during the glorious Romanov Dynasty. Despite its geographical closeness to Japan, it’s probably one of the countries you’ve never had a chance to visit on holiday. Vladivostok, often called “the closest part of Europe to Japan”, is actually only 2 hours away by plane and starting this year in July both JAL and ANA announced new flight routes to the city.

Russia is one of the leading countries in the arts with its classical music, ballet and architecture.
It also is a great sporting nation with soccer, ice hockey, figure skating being particularly popular.

And of course, many people will know about Pirozhki, Borscht and Beef Stroganoff, staple foods of extremely cold places and Russian home cooking.

Now you can find out more about the charms of Russia through this ICC event.

At this event we will have a lecture given by Waseda’s own teacher Yasuo Hyugaji introducing the basics of Russian history and culture.

Also, we will have presentations by Russian students here at Waseda about Russian culture, a mini Russian language lesson and then a quiz about Russia. After that, we will also have a special performance of traditional music from the Tuva republic by Ryohei Terada.

And that’s not all!
You will also have the opportunity to taste one of the so called “three great soups of the world” Borscht,
the traditional still Eastern European alcoholic beverage Kvass, and the heart-warming Pirozhki, packed with Russian flavour.(Borscht available for first 50 people, Pirozhki for the first 30 people and Kvass is only for those who are over 20.) Get a good taste of Russia while seeing a wide range of what it has to offer.

Come and see the magnificent charms of this great country, it’s definitely a night you don’t want to miss!


  1. Introduction of Russia Presentation by Yasuo Hyugaji
  2. Presentation of Russian Culture by Russian Students
  3. Mini Russian Language Lesson and Russian Quiz by Russian Students
  4. Tuvan Music Performance by Ryohei Terada
  5. Cafe-style Mixing Time (With Russian Food Tasting)
Date & Time

Dec. 6th, 2019 (Fri) 6:15pm-7:45pm (Doors open: 6:00pm)


Okuma Garden House (1F, Bldg. 25)


Waseda students, Staff & General Public


Japanese and English




Not Required


150 people

Guest Profile

Yasuo Hyugaji

A graduate of the Waseda University School of Letters, Arts and Sciences I in Russian Studies.
In 1987, he became part of the Soviet state broadcast committee’s Japanese language program for international listeners (Moscow Station). After the collapse of the Soviet Union, he worked for the successor state managed international radio station “VOR (Voice of Russia)” and the state managed media company “Rossiya Segodnya (Sputnik Communications)” for about 30 years as the chief announcer and interpreter for Japanese broadcasts.For the most part he worked on information and music programs and was also in charge of listener interactive programs. He returned to Japan in June 2017.
Currently, he works as a guest lecturer in the Faculty of Law (Cultural Studies) at Chuo University and also at the Waseda University School of Humanities and Social Sciences (Contemporary Russian Art).

Ryohei Terada

Tuvan Music Performer and Throat Singer. Stated to learn Throat Singing from 1999.
From 2010, he started to make regular round trips to Tuva and continues to refine and practice himself on his trips there. As well as throat singing, traditional songs in the Tuvan language and his original songs, he also plays and performs with traditional instruments such as the Igil and Doshpuluur. His teacher is Mongun-ool Ondar. He has received numerous awards at international symposiums and elsewhere. In Tuva he works on listening to the traditional songs, translation, filming fieldwork in various regions of Tuva and arranging and assisting with various events in Japan, Central Asia and Siberia.
In 2017 he received a commendation from the government of the Republic of Tuva as a cultural ambassador.


Japan-Russia Exchange Society


Russian Restaurant Chaika
Russian Tea


Tel: 03-5286-3990  E-mail: [email protected]

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Okuma Garden House (Building 25, 1F)


Fri, 15 Nov 2019

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