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★Today★ICC Talk Session: The Birth of the One and Only INUA Restaurant -KADOKAWA Group’s new challenge “world changing recipes”- (Nov. 18) Guest: Mr. Satoshi Gunji (President and Representative Director of K’s Lab Co., Ltd. and KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. Corporate Executive Officer)


Beginning in 1945 as KADOKAWA SHOTEN, KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. has grown to become one of the most preeminent challengers in the publishing world by providing a variety of entertainment apart from books, including anime, art and video games.

And KADOKAWA entered a new business sector last year; the restaurant business. With the collaboration of the executive chef of “noma” in Denmark, one of the most exclusive restaurants in the world, René Redzepi, in June 2018 the top floor of the KADOKAWA main building (KADOKAWA Fujimi building in Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku) was turned into a restaurant and “INUA” was born.

INUA is a word from the Inuit languages passed down through myths to mean “the spirit inherent in all living things”. INUA’s head chef Thomas Frebel chose this name because the Inuit culture had left a deep impression on him when he visited Greenland to research ingredients while he was working at noma.

In the kitchen, with its brilliant view overlooking the Tokyo cityscape, staff with an insatiable hidden passion for the blessings of nature have come together from over 15 different countries around the world. The ingredients used at INUA are almost all from Japan. With Japanese ingredients and knowledge and techniques from Northern Europe and across the world, INUA creates and serves cuisine like none before.

From this unique collaboration between KADOKAWA and noma’s René Redzepi, the spotlight was on INUA from the moment it opened. In February this year it took home the top award in the “Arrival of the Year” category at the “World Restaurant Awards” in Paris.

What has suddenly made KADOKAWA, a giant of cultural creativity and publishing, give birth to INUA by rebuilding the top floor of its main building?

In this event, we have invited Mr. Satoshi Gunji (President and Representative Director of K’s Lab Co., Ltd. and KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.Corporate Executive Officer). He will talk about the radical new entertainment you can feel with all five senses that KADOKAWA has challenged itself to create.
This original topic will satisfy your curiosity for food culture and gastronomy, publishing, intercultural teamwork and much more. It is an opportunity for you to find a new perspective on these topics too.

We’re loooking forward to seeing you for this unique talk!

You might even get a chance to meet some of the chefs that work their magic at INUA today!

Date & Time

November 18th, 2019 (Mon) 6:30pm-8:00pm (Doors Open: 6:15pm)


Okuma Garden House (1F, Bldg. 25)


Waseda Students, Staff & General Public


Japanese (Q&A in Japanese & English)




Not required. (80 seats, first come first serve, standing room available)

Guest Profile

Mr. Satoshi Gunji

(President and Representative Director of K’s Lab Co., Ltd. and KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.Corporate Executive Officer and chief of the Literature Bureau)

Born in Kobe in 1962. Graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. At KADOKAWA SHOTEN he produced “The Da Vinci Code” from Dan Brown when it was still relatively unknown and introduced Japan to the world of “the laws of attraction” through “The Secret”. Also founded the paranormal magazine “KWAI(Mystery)” with Shigeru Mizuki, Hiroshi Aramata and Natsuhiko Kyogoku etc. and as an editor he has handled hundreds of works. Alongside the founding of INUA he also works as chief of the Literature Bureau at KADOKAWA.



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Okuma Garden House (1F, Bldg. 25)


Sat, 05 Oct 2019

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