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“ICC×World Travel Study Club” Travel Friend Exchange Cafe Calling All Future Backpackers! -The Basics of Solo Traveling- (Oct.25)


What do you think when you hear the word “backpacking”?

“What’s fun about travelling abroad alone?”
“The Middle East, Africa; those places seem dangerous.”
“I’m interested in backpacking but don’t know how to do it or where to start…”

In this event, the members of the official university circle “Waseda World Travel Club” will introduce what a backpacker is and answer your questions about backpacking!

The circle members include:
– A girl who just came back from a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway!
– A boy who explored the deep Amazon jungle!
– A boy who completed a tour of the Silk-Road using only buses and trains!

The members will present about their own backpacking adventures and you can ask them any questions that you might have during cafe time.
Let`s talk about our travel experiences together!

World travel, travelling alone, backpacking, international communication, Waseda student’s adventures.
If you are interested in any of these then come to the ICC lounge!

The first 100 people will receive a mini-daypack pouch from the popular backpack brand “Gregory”!
There will also be a quiz where the winners may receive a special prize.

After joining this event, you too might feel compelled to travel abroad!

Date & Time

Oct. 25 (Fri) 6:15pm~7:45pm


ICC Lounge (1F, Bldg. 3)


Waseda Students


Japanese & English




Not Required

Cooperation: Samsonite Japan co.,Ltd
Gregory is a world leading brand for mountain products, founded in California in 1977.
For over forty years, their mission has been to provide the most fitting mountain backpacks in the world.
They continue to pursue the highest comfort, quality, and functionality for their products.
Guest: Waseda World Travel Study Club

Founded in 1959, this year, Waseda University’s official “solo travel” circle is celebrating its 60th anniversary.
Their flagship activities are the “Homecoming Report” where they talk about their solo travel experiences, and a one week “summer camp” where students attempt to travel together on foot without using their mobile phone or any money.
Also, for their yearly “Waseda World Travel Study Club Cooking Event” the students are divided into groups and make foods from different regions.
The members share their travel memories and future plans as well as tips on how to enjoy the backpacker life.


Voices from the guest speakers

★My name is Ikuta Tozune.
I’m a 2nd year student of Graduate School of Political Science.
I have visited Africa and Europe.
My favorite transportation is sleeper trains, but I don’t really like travelling by airplane.
Looking forward to speaking with you all!

★Hello everyone!
I’m Saki Yamamoto, a 4th year student of Faculty of Political Science.
I have traveled alone to Russia, Iran, Uzbekistan, Thailand and Myanmar.
I’m really attracted to local things like religious architecture, fine arts, traditional handicrafts.
Let’s talk about countries we want to visit!

I’m Kazunori Kasahara, a 4th year student of Faculty of Political Science.
I have been to India, Nepal, Mexico, Cuba, the Amazon river basin and so on.
I still especially remember trekking in the Himalaya mountains and the river cruise tour on the Amazon river.
Feel free to come and see if you’re interested!

My name is Daisuke Fukui. A 2nd year student of Faculty of Political Science.
The places I have traveled alone are Southeast Asia, Southern Europe and Middle East!
Particularly, the most exciting experience was walking west with other pilgrims during Camino de Santiago.
I’d be so happy if you become interested in our travel stories.

I’m Taro Miyamoto, a 2nd year student of Faculty of Commerce.
I have been to Germany, Poland, Belgium and Mexico.
I visited Auschwitz concentration camp to learn about the dark history in Poland.
Also visited Tenochtitlan to see the Pyramid of the sun in Mexico.
I’d be so glad if you can feel just a little bit of the goodness of traveling after listening to me.

I’m Akane Uchida, a 1st year student of School of Humanities and Social Sciences.
I have traveled alone to Southeast Asia, Ukraine, the Balkan Peninsula and many other places.
My most exciting travel moments where when I visited a Buddist theme park in Vietnam,
and the Chernobyl nuclear power plant as well as the ghost town around it.
You can travel even if you’re not good at English and directions.
Please join us if you’re interested!


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ICC Lounge (1F, Bldg. 3)


Fri, 02 Aug 2019

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