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【Registration Deadline: Nov 29 (Thu), 9:00am】Let’s make your one and only glass! with ICC × WASEDA Monodukuri Workshop (Dec 6)


ICC together with the WASEDA Monodukuri Workshop (manufacturing studio) presents
an event that gives you the chance to make your own glass out of Waseda University’s Special Glass!

Have you ever thought of making something very unique yourself but never had the chance?
Now this is your chance to make your own original drinking glass!

For the design, you can use the stamps provided by the studio or even draw your own if you want!
Using a rare sandblasting machine, the studio staff will guide you carefully, so even beginners are welcome.
While you are making your glass, you will also have the chance to chat and mix with other participants too!

Anyone who is interested in making something original, or who wants to have more intercampus exchange experience is welcome!


1.Introduction of the workshop and how to design a drinking glass
2.Making original drinking glass
3.Free talk


WASEDA Monodukuri Workshop

Date & Time

Dec 6 (Thu)
1st session: 1:00pm~3:30pm (Open from 12:50pm)
2nd session: 3:30pm~6:00pm (Open from 3:20pm)
*Please apply for either the 1st session or the second one.


WASEDA Monodukuri Workshop (ものづくり工房 Monozukuri Koubou),
1st floor of Building 61, Nishi-Waseda Campus  Map


Waseda University students




English and Japanese


Please register using the Application form on MyWaseda.

Registration Deadline

Nov 29 (Thu) 9:00am


15 people per session
(In the event that a large number of applications are received, a random lottery will be held to select participants, with the results announced by email on the deadline day.)

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy


TEL: 03-5286-3990
E-mail: [email protected]

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