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【Recruiting for Japanese&International Students】ICC Japanese Chat Club Special: Let’s practice Japanese through Karuta (a Japanese traditional card game) (Dec 3)

Speak Japanese and experience Japanese culture!

The ICC にほんごペラペラクラブ, Japanese Chat Club, is a place where you can enjoy talking with Japanese students who want to actively communicate with you in Japanese. This club is very popular every semester.

The theme of the on Dec 3rd is Karuta (a Japanese traditional card game).
Let’s practice Japanese and experience Japanese culture using Karuta for beginners.

Moreover, at this special にほんごペラペラクラブ, the ICC will invite Waseda University karuta-kai (Waseda University Competitive Karuta circle). You can watch a performance of competitive Karuta which is be played on tatami mats.

Competitive Karuta has become very popular because of “Chihayafuru”; which is a famous manga, movie, and anime in Japan and even abroad.

You can watch an exciting short game of competitive Karuta up close and learn competitive Karuta’s unique way of picking up cards (called “stroke technique”).

It is a great opportunity for international students to practice Japanese and experience Japanese culture at the same time.
For Japanese students, you can make friends with international students during this event!

Anyone who wants to practice Japanese and experience Japanese culture, who is interested in Karuta and competitive Karuta are all welcome!

*There is no supporter orientation for this event.
*You can join without registration.

Date and time

Dec 3 (Mon) 5:00pm-6:00pm


Okuma Garden House (1st floor, Building 25)


Waseda students, researchers, & Staff who want to practice Japanese


Japanese(All levels welcome!)




Via Please register using the Application Form via MyWaseda(Nov.5th-).
* You are welcome to drop in too!

★A message from 早稲田大学かるた会(Waseda University Competitive Karuta Circle)

We play competitive Karuta, which has become very popular because of “Chihayafuru”.
Our circle was founded 64 years ago and we won the 3rd prize at the university tournament and premium tournament this year.
One of the Eisei Meijins (a special title for a multiple time national champion) came from our circle in the past.
Although most of us started competitive Karuta at university, we have practiced hard with experienced members and keep achieving great results at many tournaments.
Karuta is deep, lots of fun and anyone can become obsessed with it!


TEL: 03-5286-3990
E-mail: [email protected]

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Mon, 29 Oct 2018

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