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ICC x IPPUDO RAMEN Workshop – Make! Eat! Learn! – (Jan 11th)


When you think of Japanese food that is popular abroad, what comes to mind? Actually, one of the trendiest foods around the world right now is ramen! And it’s not just in Asia, but also in America and Europe that popular shops are opening and people are lining up around the block to get a taste.

Within this recent trend, one company expanding quickly abroad is the “Hakata Ippudo” from Fukuoka in Kyushu. With its stylish shops and the special Tonkotsu soup which keeps the rich flavor but reduces its infamous smell, it has changed the image of Hakata ramen in Japan. Now they want to push that exciting image internationally and are currently expanding their brand of ramen in 12 different countries worldwide.

There are two parts to this “Ramen Workshop”. In the first part participants will get a chance to make ramen noodles from scratch using flour under the guidance of a teacher from Ippudo. In the second part, there will be a tasting session using the boiled Ippudo noodles along with Ippudo’s own soup and topping. You can make and eat a bowl of your own original Ippudo ramen!

And that’s not all! While you eat your ramen there will be a lecture by the staff from Hakata Ippudo about their strategy for global expansion. So if you are interested in the global strategies of Japanese companies, or if you just love ramen, please come and join us for this fantastic event!

※ You can take home the noodles you make.
※ Please understand that we cannot cater for participants with special dietary requirements.


Date & Time:

January 11th, 2018(Thu)

Part 1 “Noodle Making Workshop” 4:30pm – 6:00pm

Part 2 “Ramen Tasting and Ippudo Presentation” 6:00pm – 7:45pm

(Participation in only one session is OK too)


Okuma Garden House (Bldg. 25) 1F


Waseda Students, Staff and General Public (Part 1 limited to Waseda Students Only)


MC in English & Japanese. Noodle making workshop with English interpretation. Ippudo presentation in Japanese only




Required only for Part 1. Please register via:



Part 1 limited to 50 people. Part 2 registration not required, 100 people first come first serve (Part 1 participants given priority)


Jaunary 9th, 2018(Tue)9:00am(If there are a large number of applications a lottery will be held. Results will be notified by email on the deadline day)


・Introduction of the World’s Noodles.(by ICC staff)
・Noodle Making Workshop
・Ramen Tasting Session
・Hakata Ippudo Presentation

Cooperation and Sponsorship:

Hakata Ippudo

  • 0111



Okuma Garden House (Bldg. 25) 1F


Mon, 11 Dec 2017

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