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【Register now!】ICC International KARAOKE Contest -Bringing the Waseda Community Together Through Song- (Application Deadline:May 27; Grand Final:June 24)


The highly popular ICC Karaoke Contest is back again!
If you’re a Waseda student who loves singing songs in a language other than your own, then this is the event for YOU!

This year’s Grand Final will feature the winner of the 2013 Karaoke World Championship in Finland and current Waseda staff member, Mr. Teruhisa Tanaka, as a judge and guest singer

Let’s bring the Waseda community together through music and song!



Contest Summary Students currently enrolled at Waseda University will sing songs in a language other than their mother tongue (either Japanese or English) and be judged on their performance.
8 winners from the qualifying rounds will be chosen to sing at the Grand Final in Ono Auditorium, Waseda Campus.
※The qualifiers and final will use the latest karaoke machines (LIVE DAM STADIUM).
Target Waseda students who love singing.
※ Applying in pairs or groups of international and Japanese students is welcome.
※ When applying individually, you must sing a song in either Japanese or English (whichever is not your mother tongue).
※ You may only use up to 2 microphones, regardless of the number of people in your group.
Songs Songs composed of mainly Japanese or English (J-pop, Enka, Children’s songs, etc. Any song that can be found on the database below and that has a 〇for the scoring function is allowed)
LIVE DAM Karaoke Search” (Search here!)
※Before applying via MyWaseda you must search the above database and find the “Request Number” and then input it on the application screen.
※ You must sing the same song in the qualifiers and final.
※ You must sing the entire song.
Schedule May 27 (Fri) 9:00am          Application Period Closes
June 3  (Fri) 5:15-7:00pm      Qualifier 1
June 6  (Mon) 5:15-7:00pm      Qualifier 2
June 7  (Tue) Result Announcement
June 9  (Thu) 12:20-12:50pm   Orientation
June 23 (Thu) 4:00-7:00pm     Rehearsal
June 24 (Fri) 6:15-8:00pm     Grand Final
Entry Registration The group representative should apply via MyWaseda when you have decided songs and your group members (if applicable).
Applications: [MyWaseda] – [Applications Forms and Questionnaires] – [Fill Out Application Forms] – [ICC インターナショナル KARAOKE コンテスト
ICC International KARAOKE Contest: Entry Registration]Period: April 21 (Thu) 9:00am – May 27 (Fri) 9:00am
(All group representatives will receive an email on Friday, May 27)
Qualifiers You must participate in one of the qualifiers 1 – 2.
After selecting your availability when applying we will inform you on which day you will be participating.
The qualifiers will be open to the public so you may bring friends for support (Waseda students only).Dates: (1) June 3  (Fri)  5:15-7:00pm       Qualifier  1
(2) June 6  (Mon)  5:15-7:00pm       Qualifier  2Venue:  1st floor., Okuma Garden House (Bldg. 25)Judging Criteria: A combination of your stage performance & LIVE DAM STADIUM ‘s scoring system.Number of singers to sing in the Final: 8 students/groups (total)

Results: You will receive a mail on June 7 (Tue)

Grand Final The judges will decide the winner and the “Special Pair/Group Award” winner at the Grand Final.
(Grand Final Audience: Capacity 200 people, Registration not required)Date:  June 24 (Fri) 6:15-8:00pmVenue: Ono Auditorium (B2 Fl., Bldg. 27), Waseda Campus Criteria: Singing Ability, Performance, Passion, Visual Impact.
Prizes The winner will be presented with the following prizes:
1) JTB Travel Voucher for 30,000 yen (Sponsor: JTB Corporation, Corporate Sales)
2) BIG ECHO Karaoke Passport (Sponsor: DAIICHIKOSHO CO.,LTD)The “Special Pair/Group Award” winner will be presented with the following prizes:
1) Book Gift Certificate for 10,000 yen
2) BIG ECHO Karaoke Passport (Sponsor: DAIICHIKOSHO CO.,LTD)※ All participants in the Grand Final will receive a BIG ECHO discount ticket. (Group acts receive 1 ticket per group)
Organizer Waseda University International Community Center
Sponsors DAIICHIKOSHO CO.,LTD. & JTB Corporation, Corporate Sales


Tel: 03-5286-3990    E-mail: [email protected]

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Okuma Garden House (Bldg. 25), Ono Auditorium (B2 Fl., Bldg. 27)


Fri, 15 Apr 2016

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