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IBM & ICC: Talk & Visit – Cultural Diversity for Surviving Business in the Global Era –


  • Date
    June 11th (Wed) – 25th (Wed), 2014
  • Place
    Faculty Lounge (1st Fl., Bldg. 7) & IBM Japan, Ltd. Hakozaki Plant
  • Eligibility
    Waseda students
  • Registration
    Required (See below for details)
  • Language

As the vast wave of Globalization advances, doing business with people from overseas is set to increase drastically, no matter what kind of job you may have.
How can we make use of this richly diverse working environment to better contribute to our teams or companies? How can we use this cultural knowledge to effectively conduct business negotiations?
Why not take the first step to answer these questions?

The ICC is holding a 3 part diversity workshop including talks and visits focusing on cultural and linguistic differences and how they can be overcome. This event is being held in cooperation with IBM Japan, Ltd., a company currently doing business in over 170 countries and who has made cultural diversity a priority in it’s dealings.

For the 1st and 2nd sessions employees at IBM Japan will be facilitating a mini-lecture and group discussion and for the 3rd session you’ll get to visit IBM Japan and see close up how globalization is being promoted in-house.

All discussions will be in English so why not use this unique opportunity to learn more about the exciting and promising field of cultural diversity!

Dates, Times & Programs:

 Session 1: Mini-lecture & Discussion

  • Date
    June 11 (Wed) 4:30-6:00pm
  • Theme
    “Working with coworkers from diverse cultural backgrounds in Japan -A foreign employee’s perspective-“
  • Lecturer
    A foreign employee working at IBM Japan, Ltd.
  • Discussion
    How you want to work (live) after graduating.
    * An IBM Japan, Ltd. employee will be facilitating discussion in each group.

Session 2: Mini-lecture & Discussion

  • Date
    June 18 (Wed) 4:30-6:00pm
  • Theme
    “How to deal with issues arising from differences in cultural backgrounds when working in a multinational team -IBM Japan’s in-house strategy-“
  • Lecturer
    An IBM Japan, Ltd. employee
  • Discussion
    How to deal with issues arising from differences in cultural backgrounds.

Session 3: IBM Japan, Ltd. Hakozaki Plant Visit

  • Date
    June 25 (Wed) 3:50pm Meet at Waseda Station
    4:30-6:00pm Visit
    See close up how globalization is being promoted in-house and chat with IBM employees.
  • Venue
    June 11 (Wed) & June 18 (Wed) Faculty Lounge (1F Bldg. 7)
    June 25 (Wed) IBM Japan, Ltd. Hakozaki Plant
  • Fee
    You must cover your own travel costs for Session 3(Waseda Station to Suitenguumae Station: one way = 195yen)
  • Registration
    Via Waseda-net Portal

    • You can directly access the applications screen from this link.
    • Or from here: Waseda-net Portal-[System Services]-[Application]-[IBM×ICC:トーク&ビジット(6/11, 18, 25) /IBM & ICC: Talk & Visit (June 11, 18, 25)]
      * You may still sign up even if you cannot make all the sessions. Please select which sections you can attend on the Waseda-net Portal registration screen.
      * In case of a large number of applications, Those who can attend multiple sessions will be given priority.
  • Deadline
    June 9th (Mon), 9:00am
  • Capacity
    30 students per session.
    * In case of a large number of applications, Those who can attend multiple sessions will be given priority and then a lottery will be held. Results of the lottery will be sent by mail on the deadline day.

After participation has been confirmed cancelation is not allowed.
Please make sure to carefully check your schedule before applying.
Cancelation Policy

Cooperation: IBM Japan, Ltd.logo140611

Inquiries:  TEL: 03-5286-3990 E-mail: [email protected]

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Faculty Lounge (1st fl., Bldg. 7) & IBM Japan, Ltd. Hakozaki Plant


Wed, 11 Jun 2014

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