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Event Report: ICC Online Yoga – Let’s Learn and Experience Different Types of Yoga From Around the World!

ICC Student Staff Leader 

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been making it a habit to exercise regularly for a healthier lifestyle, especially since I am stuck indoors so much. For this event, I took into consideration the fact that people are having a more difficult time staying active with the pandemic’s restrictions and regulations. I wanted to give participants the opportunity to access a free and easy means of beginning or continuing this active way of life, which is not only beneficial to the physical but to the mental health as well. 

Zen Lim is a friend of mine, whom I study with at Waseda University. Following her through Instagram (@zenzenw), I was aware that she became a certified yoga instructor and already had experience teaching others online and in person. She happily agreed to be the guest speaker and yoga instructor for this event. 

On the day of the event, Zen gave a very knowledgeable presentation on the benefits of yoga, the different kinds of yoga, and the cultural differences of various yogas. I found that Ashtanga Yoga matched me the best because I like fast-paced movements, shifting from one posture to another. The Western way of thinking of yoga resonates with me very much because I tend to consider yoga as a physical exercise, but maybe I should also change my perspective and see the spiritual side of yoga as well. 

The “Vinyasa for Beginners” lesson by Zen was truly an experience! She introduced different yoga poses, very much doable for beginners yet still challenging. Her instructions were very clear, and everyone could follow her easily through the Zoom platform.  

(image by ICC)

This is the very last event I will be hosting for the ICC before returning home to the Philippines. Initially, I was worried about this event because it was my first time hosting an event on the Zoom platform. However, overall, I thought the event went really great as the participants were able to interact with Zen and with each other in breakout rooms at the end. I received great feedback from the participants and the other student staff as well.

Hopefully, the ICC can host yoga and other sports events like this again and more often so the Waseda community can recover from isolation and quarantines together!

(image by ICC)

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