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【Sign Up Period: Sep 9- Oct 6】ICC Online Talk Session:  The Children of Asia Today -The ex-businessman who built 300 schools in minority ethnic communities- (Oct 13) Guest: Hiroshi Tanikawa (Chairman of Asian Education and Friendship Association (AEFA)) 


Over the past decade, the Asian and Pacific Region has made great progress in improving the UN SDG’s 4th Goal of quality education for all. This success does not happen overnight; it requires partnerships with various organizations and government support. 

Now the ICC is honored to invite Mr. Hiroshi Tanikawa, the Chairman of the Asian Education and Friendship Association (AEFA), who has devoted himself to funding and, most importantly, sustaining over 300 schools in many Asian countries, as a guest to give an online talk session on Zoom.  

 Mr. Tanikawa took his belief in giving back to society and started his second life as a provider of educational facilities. 
Starting from scratch, he ventured alone into the mountains of South East Asia. Not only did he build schools but he also engaged local community organizations to make them sustainable. 

 In order to bring together people with a diverse range of backgrounds and values, Mr. Tanikawa had to overcome multiple challenges including cultural and language barriers.
To gain people’s trust and cooperation, what were the most effective ways to communicate? 

 If you are someone who is interested in working at the international level or in the educational support system in developing countries, this is the best chance for you to hear from a person with real front line experience. 

 Come join our talk and find out where your true passion lies! 

 Time & Date

Oct 13, 2020 (Tues) 6:15-7:45pm (Access open: 6:00pm)


Hosting online (Zoom Webinar)
We will be sending out the Zoom invitation link the day before the event


Waseda Students, Staff & General Public


Japanese (Q&A in Japanese & English)




Required. Please register through My Waseda 
*If there are too many applicants, we will be doing a lucky draw and announce the result through email on the day when the registration ends

Application Deadline

Oct. 6 (Tues), 9:00 am

Guest Profile

Mr.Tanikawa Hiroshi
– The Chairman of Asian Education and Friendship Association (AEFA)

Born in Fukui  Prefecture in 1943, graduated from Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo, after that he worked in Marubeni Corporation. In 2004, he retired at age 60 and founded AEFA to start building schools for ethnic minority groups in Asian countries. By the end of 2019, he founded over 300 schools and partnered these institutions with Japanese schools to constantly provide support to them. Published the book – Active Senior, please let me build a school in your village (奔走老人 あなたの村に学校をつくらせてください) (POPLAR Publishing Co., Ltd.,)


Asian Education and Friendship Association (AEFA)  
The organization creates a better educational environment for Asian children and foster international partnership programs in Japanese schools. The goal is to build schools in all areas of Asia, connect with locals to foster community cooperation, and create a sustainable education system.


TEL: 03-5286-3990
E-mail: [email protected] 

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Thu, 11 Jun 2020

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