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In the latest sign of its dedicated efforts, Waseda University announced that it now has more than 5000 international students enrolled, strengthening its reputation as the top destination for study abroad in Japan.

 Waseda accepted its first international students in 1884, just 2 years after its founding. Since then, Waseda has welcomed talented students from all over the globe. The University currently hosts students from more than 100 different countries and regions, and 3,000 domestic students study abroad annually, making Waseda number one in Japan in both of these categories. More than 1,400 international students entered Waseda for the year 2016, further contributing to the University’s diversity.


For more data, visit the Center for International Education website or click here for the pdf version.

Waseda offers rigorous academic programs and provides full support for its international students. There are 50 degree programs which can be completed entirely in English, across 6 undergraduate and 12 graduate schools. Waseda’s Center for Japanese Language provides comprehensive, customized study programs in eight levels. With 450 courses, CJL is one of the country’s largest institutions for Japanese language education. This means students with a wide variety of academic interests can study in Japan, and learn the language at the same time. They also enjoy all the benefits of living in Tokyo, one of the world’s most dynamic and welcoming cities. To find out more about Waseda and living in Tokyo, visit the Why Waseda? website.

Furthermore, the Waseda Vision 150 strategic plan was announced last year with development goals for the University’s 150th anniversary in 2032. The plan sets high numerical targets such as increasing the number of foreign students to 10,000, more than double the current number, and having all students study overseas. Waseda is committed to internationalization as a global leading university.

Here at Waseda, we embrace our globalized community. We believe that the active exchange between people, regardless of their nationalities and cultural backgrounds, stimulates creativity and fosters world peace.

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