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  • Please confirm “FAQs” before sending an inquiry by all means.
  • “University-open Course Registration Guidebook” provide information on Feburary 2015.Before contact us, please check “Guidebook Correction“, in which any changes about University-open courses are updated.
  • For questions about University-wide Open Courses offered by a particular school or center, please contact that place directly.
  • Once your course application has been confirmed, you are not permitted to cancel or change it.
  • We cannot accept delayed/incomplete payment of Audit fees/ Course Enrollment fees (choukouryou/jikken-jisshuryou); nor can it be later repaid for any reason.
  • When you want to inquire about the performance evaluation, you have to send your inquiry filled out with details about the course including the course title, lecturer’s name, a specific and right reason etc. during the designated period as below. We will not accept any inquiry outside the period.
    *We accept your inquiry only when your return mail address is Waseda-net address.

Inquiry period about the performance evaluation of GEC Courses in AY2021

  • Spring Semester Courses:
    From Grade Announcement Date of your own school through September 10 (Friday), 2021.
  • Summer Intensive / Spring Semester and Summer / Summer Sports Camp Courses:
    From Grade Announcement Date of your own school through September 27 (Monday), 2021.
  • Full Year / Fall Semester / Winter Sports Camp Courses/ Spring Intensive Courses:
    From Grade Announcement Date of your own school through May 10 (Thursday), 2022.

Examples of a request for grade clarification:

“I got an “F” despite the fact that I was absent for this course just once (201*/**/**) and submitted my report assignment on 201*/**/**. That is why I would like to know why I failed the course.”
“I attended every class on this course. In addition, my answers should have been good enough to pass the exam because they referred to what had been taught in class. Considering these facts, I am wondering why I got an F grade.”

  • GEC courses do not allow for supplementary examinations or re-examination. Excuses and pleading for special consideration (the need to graduate, etc.) are not accepted and will not be passed on to the lecturer of the course.

Examples of pleading:

“If only I could be allowed to pass this course, I would be able to graduate…”
“I’m willing to take on any additional assignments that would allow me to pass this course…”

Please fill in the  following items

  • Students Number
  • Affiliation
    *If you are alumni, please fill in your graduated year and school.
    *If you belong to another university, please give its name.
    *Please inform us If you are high school student, protector, the public, or the Waseda University staff.
  • Mobile phone
  • Waseda-net email address
    *It might be  impossible to reply to another email address according to your inquiry.

***Please inquire by e-mail ([email protected]) ***

  • According to the nature of your inquiry, we may contact you via phone or mail as well as email. Please fill out as many of the blanks as you can. That will help us to provide the most appropriate answer for you.
  • Depending on the timing and content of your inquiry, we may need time to respond.
  • Please note that there are cases in which we may be unable to provide an answer to your inquiry or where another department, more appropriate to the inquiry, will contact you.
  • The information you provide in this form is confidential and will never be released to third parties.Furthermore, it will not be used for any purpose but answering your inquiry and improving our services.
  • Commercial and sales inquiries are strictly prohibited.
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