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The Global Education Center (GEC), formerly the Open Education Center and Media Network Center until 2013, began its operations in earnest in the academic year 2014.

The aim of the GEC is to provide all Waseda students with academic skills and to produce true leaders who are equipped with abilities to solve problems with an international perspective in any local communities in the world. We would like to define Global Education as follows:

Those who graduated from Waseda can find themselves anywhere in the world, survive in any local communities on the globe, understand the indigenous local values, and integrate themselves with those local communities. As a result, Waseda graduates will be in the position to make contributions to the international society, some regions on the globe, their home countries, or their own home communities. Regardless of whether they may work for private or public sectors, or international or local organization, whatever their fields are, with their strong will to aim the welfare of human society, they should be leaders among the people of various values and cultural backgrounds.

In order to provide students with Global Education, we offer many courses, which are categorized into three groups, 1) academic literacy development, 2) liberal arts, and 3) foreign languages.

The first group, academic literacy development, is to develop academic skills that are common and necessary in studying at Waseda University as well as basic academic skills that the graduates would be expected to have in order to engage with intellectual work upon graduation.” Under the banner of academic literacy development, we have been offering courses in Academic Writing, Math, Data Science, Information, and English. Some of these courses have been designated as required in some Faculties. Most courses in Math and Data Science are offered online. As of the academic year of 2018, the cumulative total number of students in these courses is approximately 10,000. The Academic Writing program has a system in which those who have taken the course may participate in teaching others as tutors after being trained. Students are also supported outside classrooms in our facilitation centers to promote their self-learning, such as Writing Center, Math and Stat Center, etc. Our system also aims to provide environments where students, both undergraduates and graduates, who work as Learning Assistants, can also enrich their learning. GEC, in collaboration with the Center for Data Science, which was launched in April 2018, will aim to provide a comprehensive program that all the students in Waseda can be equipped with academic skills in data science.

The second group is liberal arts education. At Waseda, we define liberal arts education as “education that foster the insight to capture the essence of things.” Defining liberal arts this way, we organize “University-wide Minor Program” and “Practical Education Program.” All the Waseda students are eligible for the programs. The University-wide Minor Program makes it possible that a student majors in a field in her/his faculty while she/he minors in another outside her/his faculty. The Practical Education Program combines classroom education and field work such as business related workshop, internship, volunteer work, etc. so that theoretical knowledge and pragmatic knowledge are acquired.

The third group is foreign languages. We offer more than 20 language courses in addition to English language education. In order to provide effective language learning environments, we develop curricula effective for beginners and offer various content courses taught in foreign languages. In April 2017, the newly developed English courses, Academic Writing and Discussion in English (AWADE), began. We hope to respond to various needs and proficiency levels.

In addition to the above three groups of courses, GEC has been collaborating with various centers in Waseda, such as Career Center and Volunteer Center, to organize self-developing courses, such as the earlier mentioned Practical Education Program, leadership courses, professional workshop courses. These will develop into the fourth group, Self-Developing courses.

As outlined briefly, the GEC is engaged in developing various education programs to foster talented individuals who will work in the international settings. We hope Waseda students have a fruitful time at Waseda both learning in depth in their fields and studying general knowledge in a wide range by taking what is offered in their faculties towards their majors to gain expertise knowledge and skills and many of the GEC courses.


Tatsunori Matsui, Director
Global Education Center

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