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Since its establishment in 2014, the goal of the Global Education Center (GEC) has been to provide all Waseda University students with opportunities to acquire the knowledge, intellectual skills, and sensibilities they need to embody the university’s educational ideal of “cultivating leaders with the personal skills and insight to contribute to solving problems from a global viewpoint, anywhere in the world.” The ideal leaders the university strives to cultivate are not only active around the world in international organizations, global companies, and so on, they also respect the history and culture of Japan and other countries and contribute to the development of local communities. That is, these leaders adopt both—an international, global viewpoint and a regional, local viewpoint, and take responsible actions in a wide range of fields.

To put these ideals into practice and attain these goals, GEC offers an educational program that is broadly separated into four groups. The first group is academic literacy development. Academic literacy development refers to “the foundational intellectual skills needed to pursue academic studies and live a life as a working adult.” Specifically, it is comprised of the course clusters of academic writing, english, math, data sciences, and information. The purpose of these courses is the acquisition of basic literacy in the
languages and mathematical principles that provide a foundation for making accurate
judgments in a technologically developed, complex society.

The second group is foreign languages. Even in the present day, when English has become a global lingua franca, it remains important to recognize linguistic and cultural diversity and cultivate a global perspective. Accordingly, we offer a wide range of courses in more than 20 languages other than English. Also, in regard to English, we have established the AWADE (Academic Writing and Discussion in English) program, which aims to strengthen English-language communication abilities.

The third group is liberal arts education. The university opines that liberal arts education “fosters the insight to capture the essence of things,” believing that once students attain broad knowledge and sophistication in areas such as history and culture, and once they are able to think in relative terms and see the big picture in context of both space and time, they will be able to see the essence of things. Specifically, we offer the Minor Program that allows students to pursue studies in both their own faculty and other areas. We also offer pratical sports courses in order to maintain and promote physical and mental health.

The fourth group is self-competence development. In collaboration with other departments throughout the university, GEC offers a career design course, a volunteer course, a professional’s workshop course, and so on, emphasizing learning through not just theory but practice, and aiming to cultivate personal skills in the process.

As we have described, GEC offers various educational programs for the purpose of cultivating talented people active in a wide range of fields both inside and outside Japan. In addition to acquiring specialized knowledge and skills in their own faculty, we hope students will make extensive use of GEC’s courses to live out full, satisfying lives as students.

Makoto Fujita, Director
Global Education Center

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