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【Important】All courses offered at Other Universities are cancelled on AY2021.

1. Courses Offered at Other Universities

other_univ_01Waseda University has agreements with other universities to mutually offer courses. These are referred to as courses offered at academic partner universities. There is a wide selection of such courses, highlighting the special features of each university. Courses offered at academic partner universities are broadly divided into the following six types. They may be attended by second year students and above.

f-Campus(Gakushuin UniversityGakushuin Women’s CollegeJapan Women’s UniversityRikkyo University)Courses

This is a credit transfer system for undergraduate students that takes advantage of the convenient fact that each of these universities is close in distance, and was started to offer a wide range of learning opportunities.
The “f” in f-Campus has various meanings, including five (student exchange between five universities), freedom (freely offering venues for study by removing barriers between universities), and future (leading the future of universities). The five universities collaborate in offering and managing various courses so that “f-Campus” lives up to the meaning of its name.

Musashino Art UniversityCourses

Courses that are not featured at Waseda, including practical art courses (painting, sculpture, etc.).

Tokyo Kasei UniversityCourses

Featured courses from the home economics and humanities undergraduate schools.

Tokyo Women’s Medical University Courses

Introduction to Medicine courses open to Waseda University students.

Kyoto Regional University Consortium・Junior College Courses [Summer Intensive Courses]

Open courses at 50 nearby universities and junior colleges in Kyoto rooted in the city’s natural climate and culture.

Kyushu University Courses [Summer Intensive Courses]

NOTE: Some courses are open to first year students Open field program courses focus on practical training on the sea and in the mountains. Unavailable to some academic years depending on the course.

2. [IMPORTANT] Key Points When Attending Courses

The courses offered at academic partner universities are ones that are popular, highly attended, and highlight the special features of each university, since those are the ones that students at Waseda University might find interesting and want to attend.

Regardless of this, cases are increasing in which students either request to quit or withdraw (cancel) of their own accord after deciding to register. All courses exist thanks to the support of the teachers and staff. You only get value out of a course if you remain with it to the end. If someone withdraws, that does not mean that another student at the university, who could not register despite wanting to, can now attend instead. We would prefer it if you select the courses you truly wish to attend, and then register for and attend those courses. 

3. Course Registration Steps

The course registration steps, registration period, and process after selecting courses differ depending on the desired course (and offering university). We have prepared a manual for attending courses offered at academic partner universities that summarizes for you the information for finding, registering, and attending courses at each offering university prior to course registration. Please check this prior to registering as it includes important warnings on attending courses.

  • f-Campus(Japan Women’s University・Gakushuin Women’s College・Gakushuin University・Rikkyo University)
  • Musashino Art University
  • Tokyo Kasei University

We will use the Academic Partner University Exchange System. It is accessed by following the steps below.

STEP1 Log into MyWASEDA, and then select [Classes]-[Class Related]-[Enroll in Courses Offered by Inter-university Collaboration(F-Campus)].他大E
STEP2 Click [Registration Application] when the Academic Partner University Exchange System appears.other_univ_system
STEP3 The [Course Search Screen] appears; enter the desired university, days of the week, and course names to search.
NOTE: When you click on a course name that appears after searching, you can check the syllabus of each course.
  • Kyoto Regional University Consortium・Junior Colleges
  • Kyushu University

Use the application form for the period listed to register.

4. Warnings on Attending Courses

(1)Credit Limits

There are limits on the number of course credit registrations available per year. Check the list and do not register for more than the limit.

Agreed University Course Credit Registration Limits (Annual)
f-Campus 12 credits
Tokyo Women’s Medical University 2 credits
Musashino Art University, Tokyo Kasei University 8 credits
Kyoto Regional University Consortium・Junior Colleges,Kyushu University 4 credits

(2)Travel Times

Please register for courses taking into account travel times between universities. If you register for courses with unfeasible travel times (e.g., registering for a course at Waseda University for first period and a course at Musashino Art University for second period), it will result in a remote site error.Conversely, please confirm travel time before registration because the courses offered by f-campus will not result in a remote site error.

(3)Overlap with Waseda University Courses (day of the week, period)

Priority is to be given to courses at partner universities without exception. Please be careful when registering as undergraduate school courses may be cancelled even if required. In addition, you may not cancel a course offered at an academic partner university at any time after registration.

(4)Course Enrollment Fee

There is no special tuition required to attend courses. However, an enrollment fee may be required depending on the course, so be sure to pay it. Nonpayment will greatly inconvenience the partner university, and in some cases co-signers may be given demands or requests for payment.
◆Japan Women’s University Cooking Practice IA, Cooking Practice IB, Cooking Practice IIA, Cooking Practice IIB
Enrollment fee required. Those choosing to attend courses should pay the enrollment fee prior to the start of the first class. Please check the Japan Women’s University webpage for the fee amounts and other details. In addition, fees should be paid after choosing to attend a course no matter the reason.

(5)Prospective September Graduates

Please do not register for courses offered at academic partner universities to obtain the required number of credits for graduation. Grades may be received later depending on the university, and thus might not count towards graduation.

(6)Prospective Students who are going abroad for study

Courses offered at academic partner universities cannot serve as continuing education from year to year.

(7)Grade Announcements

Except for f-Campus, announcements are made at the end of the academic year.

[To Be Determined/Required] Course Registration Manuals(Japanese Only)

Course Registration Manuals for Courses Offered at Other Universities

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