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About the GEC

Introduction to GEC – the Global Education Center

We provide a unique learning experience.

Waseda’s Global Education Center (GEC) was created to nurture insightful, globally minded leaders with versatile skills who can address issues arising throughout the world.

GEC enables integrated learning by providing courses that complement the curriculum in students’ undergraduate faculties (major fields). These courses cover diverse fields and incorporate diverse learning styles. They enable learning while acquiring interesting experiences and skills that will be useful to society. Take a big step towards your future and becoming the person you wish to be.

Multifaceted programs to cultivate global leaders and productive, fulfilled individuals.

GEC provides students with opportunities for diverse learning. It enables students to have a minor outside their main faculty. Students can combine subjects from various disciplines in accordance with their interests, creating their own framework for understanding the world. In addition, GEC ensures core skills as a foundation for learning; enables a liberal arts education; and provides opportunities for language education, courses in other universities, and practical “real world” experience. The “global leaders” envisioned by GEC are persons who have built up their own “knowledge” upon a broad range of learning and experience.

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