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Child-rearing/Nursing Support

Nursery Center for Students, Faculty and Staff

The Nursery Center providing temporary care for the children of university students, faculty and staff.


New! Tokorozawa Campus : Room 312 , 3rd Floor, Building 100  <available from April 1, 2021>

Waseda Campus  Building No. 99 (STEP21) 1F
Nishi-Waseda Campus Building No. 60, 2F Room 216

Please confirm the place of facilities in Accessibility Map.

Eligible Users

  • Students
    Regular Students, Regular Students of the Art and Architecture School, Students in the Japanese Language Program, and Non-Degree Students and Students of the Extension Center
  • Faculty and Staff
    Full-time Faculty, Non-tenured Faculty, Research Associates (JOSHU), Part-time Lecturers, Part-time Instructors, Senior Research Professors, Researchers, Research Associates (KENKYU JOSHU), Research Support Staff (KENKYU HOJOSHA), Teaching Assistants, Course Administration Support Staff  (JUGYOJIMU HOJOSHA), Student Staff, Research Assistants, Full-time Staff, Full-time Contract Employees, Part-time Contract Employees, and Part-time Temporary Worker

From April 2020, the Nursery Center for children of students, faculty and staff will be made available to all faculty and staff employed by Waseda University. However, implementation of this change will begin earlier, starting with users in January 2020.

Ages accepted

infants at least 57 days old through pre-school


Tokorozawa Campus  9:00 am to 8:00 *due to opening hours of Tokorozawa Campus (subject to change)   (By appointment only)
Waseda and Nishi-Waseda Campus  9:00 am to 9:30 pm (By appointment only)

Days open

By appointment

User Registration

Obtain a registration request form at the office below, fill in the necessary information and submit.

  • Students:Student Affairs Section, Student Affairs Division 03-3203-4349
    Student user guide (Japanese version only)
  • Faculty and Staff:Those who wish to use the nursery center for the first time are required to complete the application by clicking here.
    After your application, the necessary documents for registration will be sent to you from the Office for Promotion of Equality and Diversity.


Period 9:00-21:30
Usage Fee (Per hour) 2,750 yen     (tax incl.)
How to use Minimum time of use: one hour; subsequent use based on five-minute units
  • Subsidy for Students:Please click here (Japanese version only).
  • Subsidy for Faculty and Staff:The subsidy are 1,700 yen (per hour).

From April 2020, fees for the use of the nursery will no longer be based on 90-minute time slots in accordance with class periods (90 minutes per period), but rather on the actual time period of use.
With this fee revision, all fees will become uniform, and there will no longer be an increased fee for night use.

*For more details, please see the User Guide for Waseda University Nursery Center for Students, Faculty and Staff.


  • Please be noted that it takes approximately 10 days to complete the registration. Therefore, make sure to give yourself enough time to complete your registration.
  • Registered childcare teachers are dispatched by Poppins Corporation.


Office for Promotion of Equality and Diversity
[email protected]

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