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Accessibility Map

Based on the concept of Universal Design and our aim to create an inclusive campus, information related to gender-neutral / accessible restrooms, childcare facilities, as well as barrier-free facilities such as entrances, slopes, and elevators can be found on this map.

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Waseda Campus











Toyama Campus










Bldg. 37 Waseda Arena




Nishiwaseda Campus










Tokorozawa Campus










Gender-neutral / accessible restroom

As the following signage for gender-neutral/accessible restrooms at each campus shows, the amenities of each restroom, such as wheelchair compatibility, ostomate compatibility, diaper-changing table, baby chair, care bed, and changing board, are indicated with icons. Anyone can use these toilets, regardless of gender.
Please refer to the Waseda University Campus Accessibility Map for locations.

  • The “All Genders” icon used to indicate facilities that anyone can use regardless of gender is an original design by Waseda University.
  • When using the gender-neutral/accessible restrooms, please give priority to individuals who require space, such as those using wheelchairs, as well as those who require care.

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