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Support for people with disabilities

Regarding accommodations at lectures, events, etc.

From February 2019, as part of initiatives to promote diversity, the University is encouraging the inclusion of a notification text for those who require accommodations on promotional materials for lectures, events, etc. organized by the University, and the provision of reasonable accommodation upon request throughout the University.

(Notification example) To those who require accommodation

Attendees who desire accommodations (PC speech-to-text interpretation; sign-language interpretation; guidance at venue; securing of seats), including those bringing children, should inform us at least three weeks before the date of the event. Upon consultation, we will accommodate your request to the greatest extent possible.

The following are examples of anticipated questions and how  to accommodate. Please implement the following when organizing a lecture, event, etc. If you have uncertainties regarding accommodation, please consult with the Office for Promotion of Equality and Diversity. We will offer an accommodation method after inquiring about the request and the organizer’s circumstances.

For PC speech-to-text interpretation or sign-language interpretation for those with hearing disabilities, please complete the procedures outlined in the “Procedures for Requesting PC Speech-to-Text Interpretation or Sign-Language Interpretation Services (Japanese)

Specific Example of Accommodation

(Considerations for disabled individuals)

・Physical handicap
Anticipated questions (requests) Examples of accommodation by organizer
I want to attend in a wheelchair.
  • Verify a path for wheelchairs and secure a place to park the wheelchair
  • Arrange space for attendee at venue; arrange movable chair and table
  • Guide attendee from campus entrance or from the venue’s vicinity to the venue
Is there a wheelchair-accessible toilet?
・Hearing disability
Anticipated questions (requests) Examples of accommodation by organizer
Possible to receive interpretation support?
Will there be video of the event?
  • If video of lecture, etc. is posted online, include subtitles.
    (For video of sign-language interpretation, consult with provider beforehand (fees apply))
・Visual impairment
Anticipated questions (requests) Examples of accommodation by organizer
Possible to receive guide support?
  • Provide guidance from campus entrance or venue vicinity to venue
  • When providing guidance, avoid using directives, and instead use detailed phrases (for example, instead of “over there,” say “to your right.”)
  • Check if there are braille blocks along the path or braille guidance
Can you provide specially arrenged handouts or projected materials?
  • Provide materials and electronic data with enlarged characters (fees apply for materials from providers).

Accommodation for those bringing children

Anticipated questions (requests) Examples of accommodation by organizer
Is there a nursing room or a place the parent and child can rest? Is there a place to change diapers?
  • Provide information that there are nursing rooms on the Waseda, Toyama, Nishiwaseda, and Tokorozawa campuses, and each room has a space where parents and children can rest. (For Nishiwaseda and Tokorozawa Campus, users are required to apply in advance through the Office for Promotion of Equality and Diversity website.)
  • For diaper changing tables, provide Accessibility Map and guide them.
Anticipated questions (requests) Examples of accommodation by organizer
What kind of childcare services are available?
  • Arrange a childcare room near the venue and childcare staff. *If there are no funds to arrange staff available, it is possible for the individual who arranged the childcare room to take responsibility and watch over the child.
  • If there is a request for a childcare provider, it is possible to submit a provider/quotation request to Student Affairs Section (should be submitted around three weeks before event). *Expenses are to be covered with organizer’s budget.

Accessibility Map

Based on the concept of Universal Design and our aim to create an inclusive campus, information related to gender-neutral / accessible restrooms, childcare facilities, as well as barrier-free facilities such as entrances, slopes, and elevators can be found on this map.


Please contact the Office for Promotion of Equality and Diversity if you wish to request reasonable accommodations or if you experience difficulties in your working environment. The privacy of those who contact the Office will be protected. Furthermore, consulting with the Office will not result in unfair repercussions.

Office for Promotion of Equality and Diversity

*The following sections also provide consultation.

  • For Faculty: Office of your affiliation / Academic Affairs Section of the Academic Affairs Division
    (Direct: 03-3204-2253; Ext. 71-2075)
  • For Staff: Personnel Section of the Personnel Division
    (Direct: 03-3204-1633; Ext. 71-2516)
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