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Distribution of coupons for babysitter dispatch services

This system employs babysitter dispatch services carried out by the All Japan Childcare Services Association, which has been entrusted with providing the services by the Cabinet Office. By using the coupons provided by the University, users can receive a 2,200-yen discount for the daily babysitter service usage fee of each eligible child.

Regarding 2020 Service Implementation

The Cabinet Office has made an announcement regarding the implementation of this service for the 2020 fiscal year.
For details, please refer to the Cabinet Office’s announcement regarding 2020 service implementation of company-led babysitter dispatch services as part of assistance for users of company-led babysitting.

[Special Measures Related to the Coronavirus]

For instances in which users have seen an increase in babysitter usage and expenses due to elementary schools etc. being closed in response to the coronavirus, the Cabinet Office announced on April 7 that special measures implemented in the 2019 fiscal year will stay in place for the time being.

Please contact the Office for Promotion of Equality and Diversity for information regarding the extension of special measures for company-led babysitter dispatch services (regular use period) in response to the closure of elementary schools etc. as part of coronavirus countermeasures.

Overview of babysitter dispatch services

Eligible users

University faculty and staff (limited to those enrolled in the University’s social insurance)

Eligible children

Children from the age of 0 to 3rd grade elementary school students (up to 6th grade elementary school students are eligible if they meet requisites that prove the services are necessary for their healthy development)

Terms of use

The following services are available for work-related reasons:

  • Home childcare (not available for use outside of home)
  • Drop-off and pick-up between home and childcare center

*This service is only available for those who experience difficulties working due to their spouse also working; medical treatment; job-searching; school attendance; vocational training; etc., or due to being a single parent.

Discount amount

2,200-yen discount per coupon

*Coupons are applicable to services with usage fees that are at least 2,200 yen (multiplied by the number of coupons) per use.

*Usage fee refers to fees charged by providers for actual babysitter services. It does not include membership fees, transportation costs, cancellation fees, insurance fees, or other services. Receipt notation differs depending on the babysitter provider, so please verify with your provider regarding the coupon’s scope of use.

Available babysitter companies

Coupons can only be used for babysitter service providers certified  by the All Japan Childcare Services Association to receive the coupons. Please sign the contract in the name (joint name included) of the University faculty or staff who will use the service.

*Please conclude an agreement (membership registration) with the babysitter provider beforehand.

Period of use

FY 2020: From April 1, 2020; for the immediate future

Limits on the number of coupons that can be used

Per household: one coupon (amount of 2,200 yen) for each day (use) per eligible child; 24 coupons (amount of 52,800 yen) in a month; 280 coupons (amount of 616,000 yen) in a year

*The number of coupons that can be issued are limited, so limitations regarding use may be adjusted if there are many applicants.


Please verify the “babysitter dispatch services” with the All Japan Childcare Services Association.

Applying for coupons / How to use

Applying for coupons

  1. Verify the provider is certified by the All Japan Childcare Services Association.
  2. Fill in the required information into the application form and apply.

Required documentation

  • Copy of contract concluded with babysitter provider and signed in the name of the user (applicant), or order form and documentation such as an application form that proves the user (applicant) is contracting a provider and receiving services.
    *Users do not need to submit documentation more than once for the same provider and content.
  • If child is in the 4th grade or above: documentation that shows the child meets requisites which prove the services are necessary for their healthy development (copy of disability certificate, rehabilitation certificate, etc.)

Coupon distribution

After verifying the content of the application and the required documentation, the Office for Promotion of Equality and Diversity will send the babysitter dispatch coupon and a notification stub to the applicant via university mail.

How to use the coupon

When using the service, fill out required information, such as the date and time of use, and give the babysitter provider the dispatch coupon and notification stub to request to fill out required information.

Make sure the babysitter returns the notification stub to you. The submission method for the coupon, as well as payment methods differ depending on the provider, so please verify with your babysitter service provider.

What to do after using the coupon

Verify the notification stub returned by the babysitter lists the required information, and send it to the Office for Promotion of Equality and Diversity as soon as possible.

*Please return the coupon to the Office for Promotion of Equality and Diversity if you did not use it within the target fiscal year.


If one uses the coupon, the discounted amount will be regarded as  part of their income for tax purposes and be categorized as miscellaneous income under income tax law.

Please direct inquiries regarding the use of other systems in conjunction with this one, or application procedures, to the Office for Promotion of Equality and Diversity after clearly providing the following information.

  • Subject:Distribution of coupons for babysitter dispatch services
  • Name・Department・Faculty ID/Staff ID:
  • Details:

E-mail:[email protected]

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